Form Builder Customization

Form Builder Customization allows administrators to manage Initiative Management forms.

Enable the Initiative Management module using the Initiative Setup customization.  

Form Builder Customization has on-demand saving. Most fields will save once the user clicks away, so it isn’t necessary to click a Save button. Administrators can still toggle whether the Save & Close and Continue Later buttons appear.
Automated migration of forms is currently not possible. 

What elements do IM forms contain?

An Initiative Management form can contain:

  • Tabs, which contain
    IM form elements tabs
  • Sections (also known as Panels), which contain
    IM form elements sections
  • Fields.
    IM form elements fields


Add or Edit IM Forms

To add or edit IM forms:

  1. Go to Settings > Customization > Initiative Management (IM).
  2. Click Form Builder.
  3. Manage IM Teams.
  4. Add or edit forms:
    1. To add a form:
      1. Click + New Form to open a new form in Form Designer.
    2. To edit a form, click a Form Title to edit a form in Form Designer.
  5. Manage the form size.
    Open form information menu v45500 set form size
  6. Manage Form Information:
    1. Manage Form ID.
    2. Allow Attachments.
    3. Allow Comments.
    4. Allow Status.
    5. Allow Workflow.
    6. Allow Scripts.
    7. Allow Permission.
    8. Show CoreParent Links.
    9. Show Continue Later and Save & Close Buttons.
    10. Hide Form Identifier.
    11. Hide Form Name.
    12. Hide Delete buttons in Links.
    13. Hide “+ New” and “+ Link” buttons in Links.
    14. Possible children.
    15. Core Parents.
  7. Manage the Form Designer:
    1. Manage tabs.
    2. Manage sections (or panels).
    3. Manage fields:
      1. Button
      2. Checkbox
      3. Checkbox Group
      4. Date Field
      5. Number
      6. Radio Group
      7. Select
      8. Text Field
      9. Text Area
      10. HTML Editor
      11. Data Table
      12. Dynamic (form)

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