Add Or Edit Blockouts

Users can add or edit Blockout Periods on the Blockout Periods page.

Add or Edit a Blockout Period

To add or edit a Blockout Period:

  1. Add:
    1. By + New:
      1. Go to + New > Other > Blockout.
    2. By Blockout Periods:
      1. Go to Release > Blockouts.
      2. Click  + New Blockout.
  2. Edit:
    1. Go to Release > Blockouts.
    2. Click the Blockout Period’s blue link under Blockout Name.
  3. Type the Blockout Period Name. For example, New Year’s Day.
  4. Type the Description.
  5. Select a Portfolio Association. If the Blockout Period is company-wide, select the highest level.
  6. Select a Blockout Type.
    Blockout Types are customized using Blockout Type Customization
  7. Click the blue-linked number next to the paperclip paperclip to manage attachments, such as Microsoft Word files or images:
    1. To add attachments:
      1. Click Add Attachment.
      2. Click to select the attachment.
      3. Click Open.
    2. To add a URL:
      1. Click Add URL.
      2. Type a valid URL in the URL Link field.
      3. Click Save & Close.
    3. To view an attachment or URL:
      1. Click the view button:
        View eye change
    4. To download an attachment:
      1. Click the download button.
        Download change attachment
    5. To delete an attachment or URL:
      1. Click the delete button.
        Delete Change attachment
  8. Select a Start Date and time.
  9. Select an End Date and time.
  10. To view the Blockout Period on the  Release Schedule click to select the View On Scheduler checkbox.
  11. Type a hex color into Blockout Type Color.
  12. Click Save & Close.


View Audit History

Click the clock-shaped button  to view the Audit History of the record. To see more information about Audit History, click here.


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