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Blockout periods are holiday periods or other times when a Release cannot occur. This article provides you an overview of steps to add/edit a Blockout in Plutora.


You must have the following user permissions to view/create/delete/update blockout periods:

  • Release Manager: To view the Blockout menu option.
  • Create Blockout Periods: To add a new Blockout period.
  • Update Blockout Periods: To update an existing Blockout period.

Release > Blockouts

Add a Blockout Period

To add or edit a Blockout Period:

  1. Navigate to Release > Blockouts to display the ‘Blockout Periods’ page.
  2. Click .
  3. A pop-up displays. To edit an existing Blockout, see Edit Blockout.
  4. Fill in the fields as follows:

NameMandatory; Type the Blockout period Name. For example, New Year’s Day.
DescriptionEnter the Blockout period description.
Portfolio AssociationMandatory; Select a Portfolio Association. If the Blockout Period is company-wide, select the highest level. Blockout periods are displayed on the Release Schedule for any Release linked to the same Portfolio Association or child node of that Portfolio Association.
Blockout TypeSelect a Blockout Type. Blockout Types are customized using Blockout Type Customization.
If the Blockout Type selected has the Category ‘Environment Booking’, the Environment Groups and Environments fields will appear. Selected Environments and Environment Groups cannot be booked during the duration of the Blockout.
Environment Booking Blockout Types also appear in the ‘Environment Schedule’ under the Environment or Environment Group views when the ‘Booking Blockout Period’ checkbox is selected in Quick Filter.
AttachmentsTo add an attachment, first save the Blockout period by clicking . Click on the number next to to add/manage attachments. See Add Attachments.
Start Date/End DateMandatory; Select the Blockout period Start and End dates.
VisibilityCheck to view the Blockout period on the Release Schedule.
This checkbox is grayed out for Blockouts with the Category ‘Environment Booking’ as they automatically appear on the Environment Schedule.
Blockout Type ColorType a hex color into Blockout Type Color.

  1. Click .

Edit Blockout Period

To edit an existing Blockout period, search the Blockout on the grid. For search and filter options, see Search and Filter Options on the Blockout Periods page. Click on the Blockout Name to open and edit the Blockout period. For details, see the above section.

More Information

Click on the ‘Edit Blockout Period’ pop-up to view the Audit History of the record. See Audit History for more details.

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