Bulk Lock Or Unlock Changes

Users can bulk lock Change records to protect them from being edited or deleted.

Why Lock Changes?

Locking Change records means:

  • Administrators can prevent completed records from being edited.
  • Users editing the same record cannot save over each other’s edits.
  • Bulk update will not save over any record currently being edited.
  • Bulk delete will not delete any records currently being edited.


Bulk Lock or Unlock Changes

Users must have the Lock Change user permission to lock or unlock Changes.

To bulk lock or unlock Change records:

  1. Go to Release > Change.
  2. Click to select the checkboxes of two or more Change records.
  3. Select Lock Selected Items or Unlock Selected Items from the Action drop-down menu.

    Lock Selected Items and Unlock Selected Items will be grayed out in the Action menu until two or more Change record checkboxes are selected. 


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Updated on August 27, 2021

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