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The Plutora users, that have left the company, may have unfinished Release Activities and may exist as Stakeholders in any of the Plutora entities. Examples of such entities are the Assigned To field in ‘Changes’ or the Responsible field in ‘Deployment Plan Activities’.

The Reassign Assignee feature enables you to:

  • Assign the user’s Release Activities to another user so that they can be completed.
  • Reassigns entities throughout Plutora either by adding another user as a Stakeholder or by replacing the original user entirely as a Stakeholder with another user.


To be able to reassign the assignee, you must have ‘User Management’ User Permission.

Settings > User Management

Reassign Assignee

To reassign an assignee:

  1. Navigate to ‘User Management’ page.
  2. Click .

‘Reassign Assignee’ dialog displays. Fill in the template as follows:

Assignee to be replacedSelect the user who you want to replace from the drop-down menu.
Assignee to replace withSelect the user who you want to replace with from the drop-down menu.
Apply to
  • Activities in the past: Select to reassign the user’s incomplete activities from the past.

  • Activities in the future: Select to reassign the user’s incomplete activities from the future.


Click on the confirmation prompt. The system assigns the activities to the selected user.

More Information

Selecting the ‘Activities in the past’ option on the template displays checkbox Only change open activities.  Select this checkbox to reassign only the open activities to this user.

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