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Reassign Activities To Another User

Users that have left the company may have unfinished Release Activities and may exist as Stakeholders in any possible place that a user could be selected in any Plutora entity. For example, the Assigned To field in Changes or the Responsible field in Deployment Plan Activities.

Clicking the Reassign Assignee button:

  • Moves the user’s Release Activities to another user so that they can be completed.
  • Reassigns entities throughout Plutora by either:
    • Adding another user as a Stakeholder to the entity.
    • Replacing the original user entirely as a Stakeholder with another user.

Reassign Assignee

To reassign an assignee:

  1. Go to Settings > User Management.
  2. Click Reassign Assignee.
  3. Select the user who has left the company from the Assignee to be replaced drop-down menu.
    The email address of each user is displayed under their name in the Assignee to be replaced and Assignee to replace with menus. Emails are unique for each user in Plutora, so this makes it easier to select the correct user.

  4. Select the user to receive the activities from the Assignee to replace with drop-down menu.
  5. Click to select past or future activities checkboxes:
    • Activities in the past: All the user’s incomplete activities from the past will be moved.
    • Activities in the future: The user’s incomplete activities from the future will be moved.
  6. Click Save & Close.
  7. Click Yes to confirm.


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Updated on October 10, 2021

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