Introduction to Plutora

Plutora is the most complete Value Stream Management Platform (VSMP). It is your guide to continuous improvement in your software delivery processes.  With Plutora you get analytics, improved velocity, and better software and your teams get clarity, automation, and collaboration.

Plutora empowers your business analysts and portfolio managers to oversee and work with each team and product across the entire enterprise. It standardizes and synchronizes data from across the toolchain enabling you to understand and manage the overall process and result.
It improves the speed and quality of software creation by capturing, visualizing and analyzing critical indicators of every aspect of the delivery process.
With Plutora you can manage each product pipeline, preproduction environment as well as deployment planning and execution — independent of each team’s technology, methodology and toolset.
Plutora orchestrates release pipelines across a diverse ecosystem of development methodologies, manages hybrid test environments, correlates data from existing toolchains, and incorporates test metrics gathered at every step. The Plutora Platform ensures organizational alignment of software development with business strategy and provides visibility, analytics and a system of insights into the entire value stream, guiding continuous improvement through the measured outcomes of each effort.

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