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How To Use Plutora’s Support

Use this knowledge base to answer your questions about Plutora and Plutora Test. If you would like further support, electronic help desk and ticketing support services are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week.

Support Tickets

Users can raise support tickets in the support site if they are experiencing a problem with Plutora’s modules.

1. Log into the Support Site

To log into the support site:

  1. Open the following link in your browser:
    Support Site Sign in.
  2. Create a new Support Site account by clicking Sign up
    Log into your Support Site account by entering your email and password and clicking Sign in, then filling in Your full name, Your email, clicking the reCAPTCHA and clicking Sign up.



2. Raise a Support Ticket

To raise a support ticket in the Support Site:

  1. Open the following link in your browser:
  2. Type your email address. (Mandatory field.)
  3. Type the subject of your query. (Mandatory field.)
  4. Type the description of your query. (Mandatory field.)
  5. Select Support Request from the Support Request or Feature Request drop-down menu.
    Speak to your Solutions Consultant about raising new feature requests.  
  6. Select a severity from the Severity drop-down menu:
    1. Sev 1: Critical Impact – Total inability to perform the normal operations of an application.
    2. Sev 2: Serious Impact – Severely restricted use of an application. High severity problems are potential critical severity problems.
    3. Sev 3: Local Impact – Important to the use of an application, but not vital enough that it be resolved immediately.
    4. Sev 4: Minor – Not crucial to the overall operation or use of an application.
  7. Select a priority from the Priority drop-down menu:
    1. Low: Not crucial to overall operations.
    2. Normal:Ticket is important, but does not need to be resolved immediately.
    3. High: Operations will be severely restricted until ticket is fixed.
    4. Urgent: Showstopper. Inability to perform normal operations until the ticket is fixed.
  8. Manage attachments:
    1. Add attachments: Click Add file or drag and drop files into the attachments area.
    2. Click the gray X to delete an attached file.
  9. Click Submit.



3. View your Support Tickets

To view your support tickets:

  1. Log into the Support Site by opening the following link in your browser:
    Sign into Plutora Support.
  2. Open the following link in your browser:
    View Plutora Support.


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Updated on April 19, 2021

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