Manage System Dependencies


Add upstream and downstream System dependencies to the System using the ‘System Dependencies’ feture.


You must have ‘Update System’ user permission.

Environment > Systems

Access ‘System Dependency’ section 

To access the System Dependency section:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Systems’ page.
  2. Search for the System on which you want to add the System Dependency. You can use the filter options available on this page.
  3. Open the System by clicking on the System Name.

The Systems pop-up displays. The existing dependent Systems are displayed in the ‘System Depedency’ section

Add System Dependency

To add a dependency, click on the ‘System Dependencies’ section. The ‘System Dependency’ pop-up displays. The left-hand side displays the available Systems. You can filter the Systems by ‘Portfolio’ or ‘System Name’.

The right-hand side displays the ‘Upstream Depedencies’ and ‘Downstream Dependencies’ panel. If you have any dependent Systems, they will display here. To add a dependent System, drag and drop the System from the ‘Systems’ section to the Upstream or Downstream panel. 

Your changes are auto-saved and a confirmation notification displays stating ‘Your changes are saved’.

Close the pop-up by clicking and go back to the Systems pop-up. Click .

The System Dependencies section displays the Upstream and Downstream Dependencies.

Update/Remove System Dependencies

 To update the existing System Dependencies, click  on the ‘System Dependencies’ section. The ‘System Dependency’ pop-up displays. Drag and drop the Systems as required. Plutora updates the dependencies as per your action. Click .

More Information

On the Systems pop-up, the number of dependent Systems is displayed next to the ‘Upstream Dependencies’ and ‘Downstream Dependencies’.

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