Customize the menus and features in Plutora using the Customization feature.


To be able to access ‘Customization’ feature, you must have ‘Access Customizations’ User Permission.

Settings  > Customization

‘Customization’ Options

Using ‘Customization’ feature you can:

  • customize the menu names and enable/disable the menus and features in Plutora
  • add, customize and sort the custom fields and tabs in various features in Plutora
  • display the custom fields as a tooltip or label (where applicable) and decide the data type for the same (free text, list, etc.)
  • create workflow diagram
  • add and customize the status type for the Plutora entities and designate a color. You can also set the default values for the statuses
  • add and customize the Change, TECR, TEBR, and PIR type and assign a color for easy identification
  • add and customize the priority type for Change and PIR
  • add and customize the risk type for Release and Change
  • add roles for the Stakeholder.
  • create email templates 
  • customize login settings, announcement feeds and login page message
  • customize users’ Welcome page message
  • control the visibility of dashboard based on user roles
  • integrate third-party products with Plutora using the ‘Integration’ feature
  • add and customize forms
  • add custom scripts to various entities in Plutora.

The following customization options are available on this page:

  • Builds Customization
  • Changes Customization
  • Stakeholders Customization
  • Environments Customization
  • Deployment Plans Customization
  • Insights Customization
  • Releases Customization
  • Email Notification Customization
  • Site Settings Customization
  • Dashboard Customization
  • PIR Customization
  • Initiative Management
  • Custom Scripts Customization
  • Users Customization

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