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Plutora’s Integration Hub allows automated jobs and orchestrated events from any application that supports APIs. Jenkins Integration allows automated jobs from Jenkins. You can add the automated jobs to the System via the ‘Automated Jobs’ section in the Systems pop-up. This article provides you with an overview of steps to add and edit automated jobs to a System.

For more information see Orchestration Using Automated Jobs.


Enable and configure automated jobs in Integration Hub and Jenkins Integration.

Environment > Systems

Add Automated Jobs

Automated jobs that have been enabled and created in Integration Hub and Jenkins Integration can be added to Systems, where they flow down to the System’s Environments, and from there to TECRs and Deployment Plan Activities.

To add automated jobs in a System:

  1. Go to Environment > Systems.
  2. Click to open a System.
  3. Under the Automated Jobs panel:
  4. View a list of the automated jobs associated with the System. The jobs cascade down to the System’s Environments and those Environments’ TECRs.
  5. Add or edit automated jobs from Jenkins or Integration Hub:
    1. Click New Job.
    2. Select Jenkins or IntegrationHub from the Application drop-down menu.
    3. Select a Jenkins Instance.
    4. Select a Job:
      1. Jenkins jobs: Select a Job.
      2. Integration Hub jobs: Type the Job name.
        For Integration Hub the value entered into the job field here will be passed through as a parameter to the script. The script should be able to run multiple jobs, based on this parameterized input.
    5. Select Approved Users.
      If selected, only these users or User Groups can run the job.
    6. Select Job Type.
    7. Click Save & Close.

Edit Automated Jobs

Sort Jobs Order

 If multiple jobs are selected, they will be run from the top of the list to the bottom. Reorder jobs by dragging and dropping.

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