Introduction to Dashboard

The Dashboard menu item is your gateway to Management Information (MI)/Executive dashboards within the Plutora platform.

The Dashboard module in Plutora enables you to find out:

  • How your enterprise has performed historically and changed in trends over time?
  • How did this year’s performance compare with last year or the year before?
  • How many releases have been completed and how long does it take to complete each release and phase of the release?
  • How many releases result in incidents, defects, or issues in production?
  • How much many changes are you delivering in each release and how many of those changes are new features, defect fixes, or technical debt?
  • The number of unplanned releases (for example, hotfixes) compared to planned releases (for example, value-adding).

The dashboards provide you with a snapshot of the change pipeline, releases, systems, environments, and usage. 

Types of Dashboard

IM Dashboard: Initiative Management (IM) Dashboard is the customizable front end of the Initiative Management module. It allows you to create custom dashboards that appeal to any persona you wish. They are as customizable as a web page.

Insights Dashboard: Insights Dashboard provides you with a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC).

Release Management KPIs Dashboard: Release Management KPIs Dashboard provides you with insightful metrics around your Release Management process.

Value Stream Flow Metrics (VSFM): VSFM dashboard provides detailed information on how scope items move through their respective value streams and where they encounter bottlenecks and constraints.

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