Update Deployment Plans Stakeholders


The ‘Update Stakeholders’ feature enables you to bulk update the Stakeholders in the Deployment Plans.


You must have ‘Update Master Deployment Plan’ and/or ‘Update Deployment Plan’ user permissions.

Deployment > Manager

Update Stakeholders

To Bulk Update Stakeholders in the Deployment Plans:

  1. Go to Deployment > Manager.
  2. Select the checkboxes of two or more Deployment Plans. 
  3. Click .

On the Bulk Update Stakeholder pop-up:

To add a new stakeholder, click and fill in the following:

Name or User GroupSelect a user or user group from the drop down as the Stakeholder
RoleSelect one or more roles for this Stakeholder
EmailThis field auto-populates the email ID of the Stakeholder if you had selected a user. For the user group, this field is disabled.
Stakeholder RACISelect one or more Stakeholder roles for this Stakeholder.


The new Stakeholder is now added to the grid.

To remove a Stakeholder, click  next to their name.


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