Resend Invitation Emails


If a newly created user has not activated their account using the email activation, Administrators can resend the invitation email. If you resend the invitation email, all the previous email invitation activation links will not work.


  • You must have ‘Admin’ User Permissions to be able to resend an invite. 
  • You can resend the activation email only if the user’s status is ‘Pending’.

Settings  > User Management.

Resent Invite

To resend an invitation email:

  1. Navigate to the ‘User Management’ page.
  2. Search the user using the filter options available on the page. You can also search by selecting Pending in the ‘Status’ column on the grid.
  3. Click .

  4. Click on the confirmation prompt.

More Information

For message delivery, Plutora uses Mailgun, which uses opportunistic TLS. Whenever Mailgun connects to an MX server, it tries to deliver messages over a secure TLS connection. If the server doesn’t offer TLS or an error occurs, such as an invalid certificate, while establishing the connection, Mailgun will still deliver the message but over an insecure plaintext SMTP connection.

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