Bulk Update Systems


You can save time by bulk updating System information. When bulk updating a field or a tab, data will either be replaced (in the case of text fields and drop-down menus) or added (in the case of combo boxes).


You must have the ‘Update System’ user permission

Environment > Systems

Bulk Update

To bulk update:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Systems’ page.
  2. Select two or more Systems.
  3. Click .
  4. Click Bulk Update.

The ‘Bulk Update Systems’ pop-up displays. Update the field as follows:


System DefinitionSystem Name: Enter the System Name.
Description: Update the System description.
Vendor: Enter the vendor details.
Status: Select the status of the Systems.
OrganizationPortfolio Association: Select the portfolio from the drop-down.
StakeholderAdd or remove stakeholders for the selected Systems. See Manage System Stakeholders for detailed steps.

Additional Information

Update the fields as required.


Drag and drop systems into Upstream System Dependencies or Downstream System Dependencies panels. You can use Live Search to search for the Available Systems.

Select the system impact from the Impact drop-down menu.


Select the approvers from the Users drop-down menu.

After making the updates, click .

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