System Impact Matrix


The System Impact Matrix shows the way Releases impact, or poses a regression risk, to Systems.


You must have the ‘Release Manager’ user permission to be able to view the ‘System Impact Matrix’ option in the Release menu.

The Releases must have an implementation date up to six months in the future to display in the System Impact Matrix.

Release > System Impact Matrix

System Impact Matrix Page Layout

Navigate to Release > System Impact Matrix. The ‘System Impact Matrix’ page displays. An information bar appears at the top of the page stating the Implementation Date range of the Releases displayed.

Sections on the page:

  • a: Filter options
  • b: View option
  • c: Impact Matrix based on the filter and view options selected.

Filter Options

Query Builder

Query Builder allows you to create and save your own private filters and use public filters. You must have the ‘Create/Delete Release Public Query Builder’ user permission to create, edit or delete public queries. 

Click to open the quick access menu, which lists private and public queries.

For more information, see Quick Tips.

Type your search query into the Live Search field. Your search results will appear as you type.

Quick Filter

Search OptionDescription
FiltersSearch Release ID/Name: Search and select one or more Releases.
Show Releases with Systems in common: Check to display the Releases with common Systems.
Search System Name: Select one or more systems to filter by System name.
Quick FiltersShow by Organization Name: Select to filter by Organization name.
Show Total by: Click an option to choose how totals are calculated.
  • Number of Changes (# Changes).

  • Number of Systems and Releases (# Systems).

    • Enterprise Releases are not counted in the totals, only their child Releases are counted.
      Show Project/Releases: Click one or more checkboxes to filter by.
Matrix DisplayShow Release Information by: Select to an option to display the Release information.
Dependencies display style:
  • Stack: Hover your mouse cursor to view the hidden shapes. This view cannot be printed.

  • Stretch: All squares are visible. This view can be printed.

Once done, click .

My Filters

You can filter the Releases using the My Filter drop-down option.

View Option

Switch X/Y

Click to switch the X and Y axis on the matrix.

Full Screen

To view System Impact Matrix in full screen, click and select Full Screen.

Export Options

Export to XLS

You can export the data displayed on the screen to XLS. To export click  and select Export to XLS.

Export to PDF

You can export the data displayed on the screen to PDF. To export click  and select Export to PDF.


To print the data displayed on the screen, click  and select Print.

Matrix Display

Based on the filter and view options selected, the System Impact Matrix displays the scheduled Releases. Click to view what the color of each box means.

More Information

Add Systems to Releases

You set the relationship between Systems and Release. This is done in the ‘Systems’ tab when editing a Release in the View/Edit Release pop-up. For details, see Manage Impact Systems.

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