Bulk Update Environments


You can save time by bulk updating Environment information, stakeholders, and additional information. When bulk updating a field or a tab, data will either be replaced (in the case of text fields and drop-down menus) or added (in the case of Stakeholders and combo boxes). 


You must have ‘Update Environments’ user permission.

Environment > Manager

Bulk Update

To bulk update:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Environment Manager’ page.
  2. Select two or more Environments
  3. Click .
  4. Click Bulk Update.

On the ‘Bulk Update’ pop-up, update the following:


SystemSelect a System from the System drop-down menu.
The System’s ‘My Environment Booking’ approvers are listed in a clickable tooltip under the System drop-down menu so you know which person to ask for permission to use the System.
Administrators can prevent users from selecting Systems outside their Portfolio Association by selecting the My Portfolio Association checkbox for the ‘Restrict Site-Wide View of Environments’ user permission.
BuildEnables on selecting a System. Select a build.
Integrated withSelect an Integrated Environment Group. Integrated Environment Groups can be toggled on Environment Map. You can select an existing Environment Group from the drop-down menu or create a new Environment Group for the Environment, see Manage Environment Groups for details.
URLEnter the Environment’s URL.
VendorEnter a vendor for these Environments.
Used for PhaseSelect a phase for which the Environments are used. You can customize this menu via Used For Phase Customization.
Scheduler DisplaySelect a display color for these Environments to appear on the Environment Schedule.
StatusSelect the Environments’ status. You can customize this menu in Status Customization.
IconSelect an Icon. Icons are displayed in the Environment Map and provide an extra layer of information about the Environment. For example, whether the Environment is a Cloud Server.
This is a Shared EnvironmentSelect this checkbox if the Environments can be booked multiple times simultaneously.
Any booking will be automatically approved.
Any booking will be automatically approvedSelect this checkbox to automatically approve any booking of the Environments, whether booked from a TEBR (with or without a Release) or a Release (Enterprise, Project, or Independent). The booking will stay in an approved state even if the dates of the booking are changed.
Display booking alertBooking alerts pop-up to provide you with extra information when trying to book the Environment. Select the checkbox to make the alert pop-up appear. Type the message in the Message that will appear in the pop-up.

Additional Information

The Additional Information tab contains custom fields, which administrators have added using Environment Custom Fields Customization. These fields will vary between each Plutora installation. Please consult your administrator for the procedure for filling in these fields.


When users are added as stakeholders more than once, they will appear as a stakeholder only once with all their Roles and Stakeholder RACI Roles merged.
For example, if a stakeholder with Role A and all the RACI Roles was added again with Role B and no RACI Roles, the stakeholder would appear only once with Roles A and B and all the RACI Roles.

To add a stakeholder, click  and proceed with filling up the fields. For more information, see Manage Release Stakeholder.

After doing the required updates on this pop-up, click . The selected Environments will display with the updates on the grid.

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