Introduction to Reporting

Plutora’s Analytics module leverages data from all Plutora modules, as well as any data aggregated from integrated toolchains. This enables Plutora Analytics to report on current status, as well as show trends and predict future events based on historical data. Plutora provides a number of out-of-the-box reports across its modules, and custom reports can be easily created by our customers, or by our Customer Success Team.

Benefits of Using Plutora Analytics

  • Plutora analytics enables you to adapt to change and make data-driven decisions with real-time reporting and analytics across individual releases, projects, or the full portfolio.
  • You can drill-down navigation exposes details needed for specific action.
  • Delivery teams get rich, contextual insights on release activities, test progress, and open defects.
  • Enables you to do risk evaluation and determine the value delivered.

Plutora Analytics provides a data warehouse for analysis and reporting using Tableau visualization technology.

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