Deployment Schedule

Deployment Schedule shows a timeline of all the Deployment Plans linked to individual Project or Independent Releases and provides a high-level status on whether or not each of the Deployments Plans are:

  • On Time: Activities are being completed on time as per their planned dates and times.
  • Overdue: Activities are not being completed on time as per their planned dates and times.

The Deployment Schedule page is blank until you choose one or more Releases from the Releases combo box and click View.

Then, all the Deployment Plans linked to the selected Project or Independent Releases will load, providing a timeline view of the Activities or Activity Groups within the Deployment Plan. Each Activity or Activity Group will be highlighted on the timeline view as being On Time or Overdue as per the logic above. If Activities are part of an Activity Group then the schedule will summarize the status of the Activity Group based on the status of all Activities within that group.

Important: If any activities within a deployment plan do not have a planned start and end date or any milestones do not have a planned date then the deployment plan will not load on the schedule

View a Deployment Schedule

To view a Deployment Schedule:

  1. Go to Deployment > Schedule.
  2. Type a Release name or ID into the Releases combo box or click to select checkboxes.
    Only Project and Independent Releases that are linked to a Deployment Plan and are not in an End State will appear here. 
  3. Click View. You will see:
    1. Projects and their status (On Time, Overdue) listed in the left column.
    2. A timeline, made up of time interval columns in the right panel, showing from one hour before the earliest start date to the final end date.
    3. Activity group bars in the timeline, showing their status, for example, Completed or N/A.
    4. A blue line showing the current time.
    5. The Resize Column Width slider. Click and drag the slider to resize time column widths so that the Deployment Schedule is easier to view.

  4. Hover your cursor over activity groups to open their name, start date and end date in a tooltip.
  5. Change the displayed time interval by selecting:
    1. Interval Type: Minute, hour or day.
    2. Interval Value: Number between 1 and 24.
    3. Click View again.
      The blue current time will blink and visibly move if you choose a short time interval.  
  6. View more information about the Deployment Plan linked to Releases:
    1. Click on the blue-linked Deployment Plans in the left-hand column.
    2. View more information, including a pie chart of the project’s status.
    3. If the project is in execution mode, clicking the blue eye will open its Deployment Plan.
      Blue Eye
  7. Show Activity Titles on the Activity Group bars:
    Click to select the Show Activity Titles checkbox.
    Click View.

Export your Deployment Schedules to XLS

To export your Deployment Schedules to XLS:

  1. Go to Deployment > Schedule.
  2. Search for a Release.
  3. Click View.
  4. Click Export to XLS.
    Your Excel file should start downloading immediately. If it doesn’t, check your pop up blocker settings.
    Save the file to your hard drive if prompted.

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