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Introduction To Environment Impact Matrix

Environment Impact Matrix gives users a graphical view of bookings and shows whether they are Approved, Pending or Rejected against Releases.

Now, administrators can use Title Names Customization to customize the name of the Environment module where it appears throughout Plutora.
Administrators can prevent users from viewing and booking Environments and Environment Groups outside their Portfolio Association by selecting the My Portfolio Association checkbox for the Restrict Site-Wide View of Environments user permission

Users add Environments to Releases in Release Manager.

How to View System Impact Matrix

Environments Impact Matrix has the following features:

  • Releases ID/Name Column (left).
    • Lists the Releases that have been filtered using Live Search or one of the other filtering methods below.
    • Click + against Enterprise Releases to show Child Releases.
  • Environment Name Header Row (right).
    • Lists Environments with bookings associated with those Releases.
    • The header row shows the names of booked Environments, or Environment Groups if Show by Environment group is toggled on.
    • Green boxes with A: The booking has been Approved for that Release.
    • Yellow boxes with P: The booking is Pending for that Release.
    • Red boxes with R: The booking is Rejected for that Release.
    • Ellipsis … : More than one booking is listed. Click to see them all.
      Double click on boxes to edit, comment on or delete the booking. Administrators can approve or reject the booking.
    • Total Releases (bottom row): The total number of Releases with bookings with that Environment.
    • Total Impacted (final column on the right):  Total number of booked Environments impacted by each Release.


View the Audit History of an Environment Booking

To view the audit history of an Environment Booking:

  1. Go to Environment > Impact Matrix.
  2. Click one of green, yellow or red boxes to open the View/Edit Environment Booking pop up.
  3. Click the clock-shaped button  to view the Audit History.
  4. Search and filter the Audit History:
    1. Live Search:  Type a parameter or value and press the Enter key.
    2. Filter: Click to select one or more of the All, Added, Modified or Deleted checkboxes.


Live Search searches Release Name.

To use live search:

  1. Go to Environment > Impact Matrix.
  2. Type your search query into the Live Search field. Your search results will appear as you type.
    Press Enter to immediately perform the search.



Other Filtering Methods

Click the Filter By buttons to filter by:

  • My Portfolio Association: Show releases for your Portfolio Association. Check which Portfolio Association you belong to in Settings.
  • I’m a Stakeholder: Show Releases for which you are a stakeholder.
  • All: Show all Releases.

Click to select the Enterprise, Project and Independent checkboxes:

  • Enterprise: Filter by Enterprise Releases. Note – Enterprise releases can contain Project and Independent Releases, which will also appear.
  • Project: Show Project Releases only.
  • Independent:  Show Independent Releases only.



Use Query Builder

Query Builder allows users to create and save their own private searches and use public searches. (Users must have the Create/Delete Environment Public Query Builder user permission to create, edit or delete public queries.)

Click the right side Query Builder  button to open the quick access menu, which lists private and public queries.

To use Query Builder, click the funnel-shaped button  on Environment Impacts Matrix. See Manage Query Builder for more information.



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Updated on October 5, 2021

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