TECR Setup Customization

TECR Setup Customization allows administrators to choose which values are default when adding or editing a new TECR. Although the values are default, they can still be changed by users.

Location of Show on Scheduler checkboxes

To locate the Show on Scheduler checkboxes:

  1. Go to + New > Environment > TECR.
  2. The Show on Scheduler checkboxes appear circled below. Selecting Yes in TECR Setup means that Yes will be selected in new TECRs.

Choose Default TECR Values

To set default TECR values:

  1. Go to Settings > Customization > Environments.
  2. Click TECR Setup.
  3. Choose the default for the Show on Environment Scheduler checkboxes (when adding a TECR):
    • Yes: Show the TECR on Environment Schedule.
    • No: Do not show the TECR on the Environment Schedule.
  4. Choose the default for the TECR Maintenance Bench: Create Impacted System Against checkboxes. When a checkbox is selected:
    • Enterprise Release: Saving a TECR with a selected System in TECR Maintenance Bench for an Enterprise Release will associate that System with the Enterprise Release.
    • Non-Enterprise Release: Saving a TECR with a selected System in TECR Maintenance Bench for a Non-Enterprise Release will associate that System with the Non-Enterprise Release.
  5. Click Submit.
    The yellow Your changes have been saved pop up opens and closes.
    If you click away from the Customization page without clicking Submit, your changes will not save.



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Updated on October 18, 2021

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