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Introduction To Deployment Plan Library

Deployment Plan Library allows users to view, search and filter their Deployment Plans.

On the Deployment Plan Library page you can perform the following actions:

Open a Deployment Plan by clicking the blue-linked Name.

Deployment Plans now save in a more granular way, so that multiple users updating the same Deployment Plan will not save over each other’s updates.

Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 name

The Deployment Plan Library now contains three levels of Deployment plans.

There are three levels of Deployment Plan in the Deployment Plan Library:

  1. Master Deployment Plans: These are marked with an M  M master deployment planand can contain dependent child Deployment Plans.
    Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 master deployment plan

    • Toggle the visibility of the dependent child Deployment Plans inside Master Deployment Plans by clicking open  to open the Master Deployment Plan andcloseclose.
  2. Dependent child Deployment Plans: These are located under their Master Deployment Plan and have a vertical black line beside them.
    Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 child deployment plan
  3. Independent Deployment Plans: Deployment Plans can also be independent from Master Deployment Plans.
    Independent deployment plan


Deployment Plan Library Tabs

Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 tabs

Click Deployment Plan Library tabs to filter Deployment Plans by their mode:

  • All: See all Deployment Plans.
  • Draft: Draft Deployment Plans can be edited.
  • Approved: Approved Deployment Plans are waiting to be executed and cannot be edited unless the user has the Update Deployment Plan in Approved and Execution Mode user permission.
  • Execution: Deployment Plans that are being executed cannot be edited unless the user has the Update Deployment Plan in Approved and Execution Mode user permission.
  • Completed: Completed Deployment Plans cannot be edited and can only be deleted by users with the Delete Deployment Plan in Completed State user permission.


Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 live search

Live Search searches for Deployment Plan Names.

To use live search:

  1. Go to Deployment > Manager.
  2. Type your search query into the Live Search field. Your search results will appear as you type.
    Press Enter to immediately perform the search.



Other Filtering Methods

Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 filter by

Click the Filter By buttons to filter by:

  • My Portfolio Association: Show Deployment Plans for your portfolio association. Check which portfolio association you belong to in Settings.
  • I’m a Stakeholder: Show Deployment Plans for which you are a stakeholder.
  • All: Show all Deployment Plans.



Use Query Builder

Query Builder allows users to create and save their own private searches and use public searches. (Users must have the Create/Delete Deployment Plan Public Query Builder user permission to create, edit or delete public queries.)

Click the right side Query Builder button (the black triangle) to open the quick access menu, which lists private and public queries.

To use Query Builder, click the funnel-shaped button on Deployment Plan Manager. See Manage Query Builder for more information.

Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 query builder


Status Column

Deployment Plan Library Aug 22 2017 status column

The  Status column shows the mode of Deployment Plans as colored circles with the following captions:


  • DR: Draft.
  • AP: Approved.
  • EXE: Execution.
  • Blue tick: Competed Blue tick or an exclamation mark if the Deployment Plan is incomplete beyond its end date.


The colors have the following meanings:

  • Blue: Mode is completed.
  • Green: Mode is in progress.
  • Grey: Mode has not started.
  • Black: Mode is incomplete and has passed its due date.




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Updated on February 4, 2020

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