Manage IM Form Builder Scripts

See Quick Start Guide – Form Builder Customization for the context of this article. The previous article was 1e. Manage IM Form Builder Workflows and the next article is 1g. Manage Form Builder Permissions.
Add Plutora and Plutora Test data to your forms. Plutora’s external APIs can now be called through the custom javascript engine

Administrators can add Javascript to Form Builder Customization, which can be:

  • Configured to perform actions, such as creating Releases from form data.
  • Set to trigger at various times. For example, when a form closes, or when a field saves.
For help with creating scripts, contact Plutora Support.

1. Enable Scripts

To enable scripts for a form in IM:

  1. Go to Settings > Customization > Initiative Management (IM).
  2. Click Form Builder.
  3. Click a Form Title to edit a form in Form Designer.
  4. Click the Form Information menu button on the top-right corner of the form.
  5. Click to select the Allow Scripts checkbox.
    Allow scripts checkbox


2. Manage Scripts

To manage scripts:

  1. Click Script Manager.
    Allow scripts script manager
  2. Add and edit:
    1. Add: Click + New.
      Script Manager new
      Edit: Click to select the script in the right-hand panel.
      Script Manager edit script
    2. Click and edit the script name in the right-hand panel.
      Script Manager Script Title
    3. Set a Trigger:
      Script Manager trigger on

      1. Click to select a trigger from Trigger On to choose when the script will be run.
        • None: The script will not be triggered.
        • Open: When the form opens.
        • Close: When the form closes.
        • Save: When a field saves.
        • Remove: When a form is deleted.
    4. Enable the script:
      Scripts will not run unless enabled.

      1. Click to select the Enable checkbox.
        Script Manager enable
    5. Type or paste the script.
      • Find tips for creating scripts, including how to make external API calls to Plutora and Plutora Test, in Setup (Custom Scripts) Customization.
      • Customers can create their own scripts or ask Plutora to create scripts for them.
        Script Manager script
    6. Click Save.
    7. Click the X at the top-right corner to close the pop up.
  3. Delete:
    1. Click to select the script in the right-hand panel.
      Script Manager edit script
      Be careful when clicking the delete button. It cannot be undone and the script will be deleted without a confirmation pop up.

    2. Click the delete button.
      Red Trash Bin Delete Button
    3. Click the X at the top-right corner to close the pop up.


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