Manage Linked Changes to TECR


The ‘Linked Change’ tab allows you to keep track of the Changes linked to this TECR. You can link and unlink Changes to the TECR via this tab.

This article provides a brief overview of steps to link/unlink the Changes to a TECR.


To link or unlink the Changes to a TECR, you must have
  • the ‘Update Environment Change Request’ user permission.
  • the required Change(s) are available in Plutora.

Environment > Requests

Access ‘Linked Change’ tab

To access the ‘Linked Change’ tab:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Environment Request’ page.
  2. Click the TECR tab.
  3. Search for the TECR to which you want to link or unlink the Change. You can use the filter options available on this page.
  4. Open the record by clicking on the TECR Number or TECT Title.
  5. Click on the Linked Changes tab.
The ‘Available Change’ section displays the available Changes that you can drag and drop to link to the TECR. The ‘Change connected to TECR’ displays the Change(s) that are already linked to the TECR if any.

Filter Options

The ‘Available Change’ section displays upto 200 Changes by default on the tab. You can filter the changes using the below options.

Live Search (Name)

Use Live Search to filter the Changes by their name. Enter the change name in the Live Search field. Your search results will appear as you type. Press Enter to perform the search.

Filter by Associated Release

Click to filter the Change(s) that are associated to the Release that is linked to the TECR. For details see the Details tab. If the button is grayed out, click Save.

To remove this filter, click

To link a Change to the TECR, drag and drop it from the Available Change section into the Change connected to TECR section. You can link multiple Changes at once by selecting the checkboxes in the left-hand column and dragging and dropping. Click the checkbox at the top of the column to select all Changes.

To unlink, drag and drop it from the Change connected to TECR section into the Available Change section.

After making the required updates, click .

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