Menu Setup Customization (Environments)


Menu Setup customizes the terms ‘Environment’, ‘TECR’, ‘TEBR’, and ‘My Environment Booking’ throughout the site.


To be able to customize the Menu Setup, you must have ‘Access Customizations’ User Permission

 Settings  > Customization > Environments > Menu Setup

Customize Menu Setup

To customize a menu:

  1. Navigate to Customization’ page and click Environments.
  2. Click Menu Setup.
  3. Click the radio button below the default menu names.
  4. Enter the new menu name in the empty field beside the radio button.
  5. Click .

Your changes will be saved and a confirmation message will display.

Use the Default Menu Setup

To use a default menu setup, navigate to the ‘Menu Setup’ page and click the radio button next to the default menu Name. Then click .

More Information

Location of the Menu Setup

Menu Setup customizes the terms ‘Environment’, ‘TECR’, ‘TEBR’, and ‘My Environment Booking’ where they appear in the:

And anywhere else those words appear in Plutora. (But not customizations.)1

TEBR pop ups (with and without a Release).

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