Environment Schedule – TECR Row Customization


Environment Schedule – TECR Row customizes the TECR row in the Environment Schedule.


To be able to add and customize Environment Schedule – TECR Row, you must have ‘Access Customizations’ User Permission.

Settings  > Customization > Environments > Environment Schedule – TECR Row

Customize the Environment Schedule – TECR Row

To customize the Environment Schedule – TECR Row:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Customization > Environments.
  2. Click Environment Schedule – TECR Row.
  3. On ‘Environment Schedule – TECR Row’ enter the new title into Scheduler CR Row.
  4. Click the Scheduler CR Row Color drop-down menu and select a color or enter a Hex value.
  5. Select a Scheduler Display Settings checkbox:
    • Save per User: Plutora will remember the user’s last setting.
    • Always show Scheduler CR row expanded if CRs appear during date range: Always show the Scheduler row open if there are TECRs to display.
  6. Click Submit.

Your changes will be saved and a confirmation message will display.

More Information

Location of the Environment Schedule – TECR Row

To locate the area of Plutora that Environment Schedule – TECR Row customizes:

  1. Go to Environment > Schedule.
  2. Toggle the TECR rows in Environment Schedule by selecting the TECR checkbox in the Quick Filter.
  3. The name, color, and display settings are customized by Environment Schedule – TECR Row.

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