Add Calculated Fields

When your data does not contain the exact fields you want, you can set up calculated fields in Plutora Analytics.

What are Calculated Fields?

Calculated fields are fields created from calculations from other fields. For example, you might have fields for Changes but no field containing the number of Changes. Creating a calculated field with the formula COUNTD ([Change Name]) will help you to graph and track the number of Changes.

Add a Calculated Field

The Analytics Admin or Analytics Analyst user permissions are required to create reports in Plutora Analytics.

To create a workbook with a calculated field:

  1. Go to:
    • Plutora: Reporting > Analytics.
    • Plutora Test: Click Plutora Analytics.

      Plutora Analytics will only open if a single instance of Plutora or Plutora Test is open in your browser. If your pop up blocker prompts you when you try to open Plutora Analytics, disable it for the site.
  2. Click Top-level Projects.
  3. Select All Data Sources.
  4. Browse for the Entity, for example, Releases.
    The Entity might be easier to find if you toggle the View mode between grid and list. 
  5. Click the three dots beside the Entity.
  6. Select New Workbook.
  7. Click to select Create Calculate field from the Dimensions menu or Analysis > Create Calculated Field.
  8. Type a title for the calculated field.
  9. Click inside the formula field.
  10. Type the formula:
    • Learn about creating formulas from Functions in Tableau and  Formatting Calculations in Tableau.
    • While the message on the bottom left corner says, “The calculation contains errors” you can click on the message and see a suggestion for fixing the formula.
    • The formula is correct when the message on the bottom left corner says: “The calculation is valid”.
  11. Click Okay:
    • The calculated field will appear under Measures.
    • The calculated field can be dragged and dropped into Rows or Columns and used like any other field.


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