View Environment Stack

Environment Stack displays an interactive diagram of Environments.

Now, administrators can use Title Names Customization to customize the name of the Environment module where it appears throughout Plutora.

Browse Environments

To browse environments:

  1. Go to Environment > Stack.
    Environment Asset Layers is the top level.
  2. Click to open lower layers:
    Blue dots: Click to open.
    White dots: This environment layer is fully open.
    Hosts, Layers, and Components are managed under the Technical Specs and Configuration panel of the Details tab when adding or editing an Environment.
  3. Click View Full Screen to hide the blue navigation menu.



Search Environments

To search Environment Stack:

  1. Go to Environment > Stack.
  2. Type a search term into the search field.
  3. Press the Enter key.
    The search results open below the field.
  4. Click a search result.



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