Environment Stack


Environment Stack displays an interactive diagram of Environments. You can view the technical specs of an Environment and do a side-by-side comparison between the tech and specs of different Environments.


You must have the ‘View Stack’ user permission.

Environment > Stack

Access Environment Stack

Navigate to Environment > Stack to display the ‘Environment Asset Layers’ that constitute your Plutora instance.

Search Option

On Environment Stack you can search for any Host, Environment Group, Environment Name, Layer, and Component Version available on Plutora. 

Enter the search term (e.g. Host) in the Search field. 

Browse Environments

The ‘Environment Asset Layers’ is the top level. It displays all the Environment Groups in Plutora. Click on an Environment Group to view the list of Environments that Group constitutes.

You can drill down further to view the Hosts, Layers, and Components of the Environment.

Compare Environments’ Techs and Specs

Environment Stacks enables you to do a side-by-side comparison of the technical specs between the Environments. You can easily identify the application version available in the different Environments and supports you to make the final decisions. 

As shown in the below example, the Authorization Service PRD environment has a build version 38 whereas the Authorization Service STG environment has a build version 65.

Full Screen

Click to to expand the Environment Stack to the full screen.

Press the Escape key on your keyboard to close the full-screen view.

Access Environment Page

You can navigate to the ‘Environment’ page by clicking the Go Back to Environment link.

More Information

  • The layer with represents an expanded layer.
  • The layer with represents the layer can be expanded to view the techs and specs.

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