Duplicate Blockouts


Duplicating a Blockout Period saves your time from re-entering information.


You must have the following user permissions to view and create blockout periods:

  • Release Manager: To view the Blockouts menu option.
  • Create Blockout Periods: To duplicate and add a new Blockout Period.

Release > Blockouts

Duplicate a Blockout Period

To duplicate a Blockout Period:

  1. Go to Release > Blockouts.
  2. Search and select the Blockout Period that you want to duplicate.
  3. Click .
  4. Click Duplicate Blockout Period.
  1. The ‘Duplicate Blockout Period’ pop-up displays. Fill in the fields as follows:

Set Blockout NameEnter the new Blockout Period name in the Blockout Name field.
Portfolio AssociationChoose a Portfolio Association radio button. If you select Duplicate and Change Portfolio Association, select a New Portfolio Association from the drop-down menu.
Blockout DatesIf you want to set new Blockout Period dates, select Yes and enter the dates in Start Date and End Date.

  1. Click .

The Blockout Period will be duplicated and the new Blockout Period will display on the grid.

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