Environment Setup Customization


Environment Setup customization allows administrators to:

  • Toggle the Linked Environments feature in Environment pop up.
  • Set up the default values for the Environment Schedule.
  • Enable Health Check Dashboard.


To be able to customize the Environment Setup, you must have ‘Access Customizations’ User Permission

Settings  > Customization > Environments > Environment Setup

Linked Environments

The Linked Environments feature allows to group any number of Environments as parent, child, or grandchild. This saves time when booking because when the parent Environment is booked (in the TEBR dialog, or the EnterpriseProject, or Independent Release dialog), the child and grandchild Environments are booked too. (To locate the linked environments in Plutora, see Location of Linked Environments

For example, the screenshot below shows an Environment in the Environments tab of an Enterprise Release. The number of children and grandchildren are displayed. If the parent Environment was dragged and dropped into a Phase, the parent and its child and 3 grandchildren Environments will be booked too, booking a total of 4 Environments with a single drag and drop. 

Toggle Linked Environments

To toggle Linked Environments feature on and off:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Customization’ page and double-click Environments.
  2. Click Environment Setup. ‘Environment Setup’ page displays.
  3. To turn linked Environments on, select the Enable Sub-Environments checkbox. 
  4. Click .

Your changes will be saved and a confirmation message will display.

To turn linked Environments off deselect the Enable Sub-Environments checkbox and Click .

Environment Schedule

To set the default values in Environment Schedule Environment Group View navigate to the ‘Environment Setup’ page.

If you click Release in ‘Show Release/TEBR Information’:

  • Clicking Release in ‘Show Release/Env. Group Color Scheme’: TEBRs and Environment Bookings appear in the Environment Schedule Environment Group view as rectangles showing the selected Release Color Scheme color.
  • Clicking Env. Group in ‘Show Release/Env. Group Color Scheme’:

If you click TEBR in ‘Show Release/TEBR Information’:

Select a color from the Release Color Scheme drop-down menu or enter a Hex value. Click .

Your changes will be saved and a confirmation message will display.

Enable Health Check Dashboard

Health Check Dashboard will provide a view of Environment health.

To enable Health Check Dashboard:

  1. Select Enable Health Check checkbox.
  2. Click .

Your changes will be saved and a confirmation message will display.

More Information

Location of Linked Environments

To locate Linked Environments:

  1. Navigate to Environment > Manager.
  2. Click to open an Environment. Linked Environments can be seen under the Vendor field.

Location of Environment Schedule

To locate Environment Schedule, navigate to Environment > Schedule.

Location of the Health Check Dashboard

To locate the Health Check Dashboard navigate to Environment > Health Check

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