Release Calendar


The Release Calendar allows you to view and filter your Releases, Blockout Periods, Release Events, TEBRs, and TECRs by date.


You must have the ‘Release Manager’ user permission to be able to view the ‘Release Calendar’ option in the Release menu.

Release > Calendar

Release Calendar Page Layout

Navigate to Release > Calendar. The ‘Release Calendar’ page displays. 

a: Filter options

b: View options

c: Calendar displaying the Releases scheduled based on the filter and view selected.

Filter Options

Query Builder

Query Builder allows you to create and save your own private filters and use public filters. You must have the ‘Create/Delete Release Public Query Builder’ user permission to create, edit or delete public queries. 

You can create a Query Builder using the Release and TECR fields.

For more information, see Quick Tips.

My Filters

You can filter the Releases using the My Filter drop-down option.


Select a date in the calendar. The calendar has the following options:

  1. Click Calendar forward button or Calendar back button at the top of the calendar to scroll through months.
  2. Click Today to see a day view of the current day.
  3. Click the month and year to open and select a month and year.


Click the Releases toggle switch to filter the following:

Release DetailsSelect to view:
  • Contents: View Change IDs for Project or Independent Releases, or child Release IDs for Enterprise Releases.

  • Systems: View System Names associated with Releases.

  • Event: View Events associated with Releases.
View bySelect view by Release ID or Release Name. Click + to expand the menus.
Release TypesSelect one or more Release Types. Click + to expand the menus.
Release StatusesSelect one or more Release Types. Click + to expand the menus.
System DeploymentsFilter by System Deployments:
  • Show Date Range: Show a box each day from the first to the last date.

  • Show End Date only: Show the final day only.
Blockout TypesSelect one or more Blockout Types. Click + to expand the menus.


Click the Environments toggle switch to filter the following:

ActivitySelect the TECR/TEBR as required.
Change Request StatusClick + to expand and select one or more Change Request Status.
Booking Request StatusClick + to expand and select one or more Booking Request Status.
Change Request TypeClick + to expand and select one or more Change Request Type.
Booking Request TypeClick + to expand and select Booking Request Type.

The availability of the filter fields vary based on the calendar view (see below).

View Options

Click DayWeekMonth, or Year to change the calendar view.

The filters available per view is as follows:


  • Releases
  • Blockout Periods
  • System Deployments
  • TECRs
  • TEBRs


  • Release Types
  • Blockout Types
  • TECR Types

View Full Screen

Click to view the calendar in full screen. Press the Escape key to exit the full screen.

Release Calendar

Based on the applied filter and the view option, Release Calendar is displayed:

Share Calendar

To share your Release Calendar’s filtered view with other users, click  . This will copy the URL to your clipboard, which can be pasted into another application or document, and opened by other users. 

After opening the URL and logging into Plutora if necessary, Release Calendar will open with the same filters. The filters will be active but disabled so that they cannot be changed. You can click the Calendar data and update.

More Information

View List of Events

Click more… to open a pop-up with the full list of events on that day.

View Release Information

Hover your mouse cursor over a Release to see a pop-up with more information.

View Release Details

Click on a Release to open and view the Release details.

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