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The Stakeholders feature enables you to add and manage the stakeholders to the Release. You can choose a user or a user group as a Release Stakeholder. 
If you had selected an owner for the Release in the ‘People’ section, Plutora automatically adds that owner as an Account Stakeholder. There are be four types of Stakeholders Roles, you can select one or more these types:
  • Responsible (R)
  • Accountable (A)
  • Consulted (C)
  • Informed (I)


To be able to view the Stakeholders tab, you must have ‘View Stakeholders Tab’ user permission.

Release > Manager

Access ‘Stakeholders’ tab

To access the Stakeholders tab:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Release Manager’ page.
  2. Ensure that the Release toggle button is selected.
  3. Search for the Release on which you want to manage the Stakeholders. You can use the filter options available on this page.
  4. Open the Release by clicking on the Release ID or Release Name.
  5. Click the Stakeholders tab.

The existing Stakeholders are displayed here.


Add Stakeholder

To add a Stakeholder, on the ‘Stakeholders’ tab, click. ‘Add New Stakeholder’ pop-up displays. Fill in the fields on this pop-up as follows:

Name or User GroupSelect a user or user group from the drop down as the Stakeholder
RoleSelect one or more roles for this Stakeholder
EmailThis field auto-populates the email ID of the Stakeholder if you had selected a user. For the user group, this field is disabled.
Stakeholder RACISelect one or more Stakeholder roles for this Stakeholder.

Click . The new Stakeholder is added and available on the grid.

Edit Stakeholder

You can edit the Stakeholder Role and Stakeholder RACI roles on this grid. To edit, click on the Stakeholder to open the ‘Edit Stakeholder’ pop-up. Edit the fields as required. Refer to the above table for more details.

After making changes click .

The Stakeholder displays with the updated details on the grid.

Import Stakeholder

You can import all the Stakeholders from all the impacted Systems associated with this release. You must have the ‘Update Enterprise Release’ user permission

To import Stakeholders:

  1. Click .
  2. On the ‘Import Stakeholders’ pop-up, select one or more Role from the drop down.
  3. Select one or more Stakeholder RACI 
  4. Click .

All the imported Stakeholders will be displayed on the grid. 

Plutora will not duplicate the Stakeholders if they already appear in the Release or appear more than once in impacted Systems.

Remove Stakeholder

To remove (or delete) a Stakeholder, click on the Stakeholder on the grid and then click . Plutora will remove the Stakeholder from the grid and will no longer be Responsible,  Accountable, Consulted, or Informed for this Release.

More Information

View Group Members

If the Stakeholder is a user group, hovering your mouse cursor over the user group shows the group members.

Grid Filter Option

You can show/hide columns displayed on the grid column selector. Hover your mouse cursor over the column header to see . Click the button and select Columns. The list of columns available on the grid will be displayed. Select or deselect the checkboxes to show or hide columns.

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