Release Schedule


The Release Schedule page gives you a view of your Releases on a timeline.


You must have the ‘Release Manager’ user permission to be able to view the ‘Release Schedule’ option in the Release menu.

Release > Schedule

Release Schedule Page Layout

Navigate to Release > Schedule. The ‘Enterprise IT Release Schedule’ page displays. 

a: Filter options

b: View options

c: Releases scheduled based on the filter and view selected.

d: The color legend for the phases displayed.

Filter Options

The following filter options are available:

Date RangeSelect a From and To date (Implementation Date) from the calendar.
Release StructureSelect one or more of the following checkboxes:
  • Enterprise – Show Enterprise Releases.

  • Project – Show Project Releases.

  • Independent – Show Independent Releases.

  • All – Show all Releases.

  • Group by Enterprise Release – Sort all projects belonging to an Enterprise Release under that Enterprise release.
FiltersSelect the toggle button as required and fill in the prompt.
ScheduleSelect one or more schedule options.

Click . The schedule displays as per the filter applied.

The filter information bar displays under the filter section.

Save and Load Filters

Save Filter

To save your filter pattern so it can be loaded later:

  1. Click Save Filter
  2. On the ‘Save Filter’ pop-up enter the Filter Name and Description.
  3. Select who can view this filter on Viewable by.
  4. Click .

Load Filter

To open a saved filter:

  1. Click Load Filter.
  2. Select one of your saved filters from the My Filters drop-down
    or select a public filter from the Public Filters drop-down.
  3. Click .

The filter will load and the schedule will be displayed.

Copy Filter

Click to copy the link to Release Schedule that contains all your filters and settings. Then paste the URL into an email or another document.
you must be logged in to Plutora to open the link.

Clear Filter

To clear the filter you have applied, click .

Delete Filter

To delete a saved filter, click Load Filter and select the filter that you want to delete from the My Filters or Public Filters drop-down. Then click .

View Options

Time scale

To change the time scale view, select a time, for example, Weekly, from the Time Scale drop-down menu.

To revert back to the default scale, select All.

View Full Screen

To view the release schedule full screen, click .

Click Exit Full Screen View to go back.

Release Schedule

Based on the applied filter and the view option, Release Schedule is displayed:

Export Release Schedule to PDF

To export a release schedule to PDF, click .

Export RangeSelect a range from the drop-down:
  • Complete Schedule: Whole schedule without filtering.

  • Date Range: Select a date range.

  • Current View: The current manually filtered view.
Export ModeSelect a mode.
  • Single page: Compress the schedule to a single page.

  • Multiple pages: Split the schedule into multiple landscape pages.

  • Multiple pages vertically: Split the schedule into multiple portrait pages.
Paper FormatSelect a paper format.
OrientationSelect Portrait or Landscape orientation.
Add Page NumberIf more than a single page is being exported, check to add the page number.

Click .


The bottom of the page displays the legend of the phase per Release in the Release Schedule. You can customize the color in Release Phases.

You can hide the legends by selecting Hide Legend in Filter Options.

More Information

View Release Information

Hover over the Release to view the Release information.

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