Initiative Management

Plutora Initiative Management (IM) allows you to extend the core Plutora Platform. It enables you to create forms to collect data, that you can then use in your analytics reports. IM forms extend the already significant Plutora data structure, to allow you to capture and store any data from any source. 

IM is so customizable that it can technically be anything you would like it to be. For example, users could create forms that allow them to capture the core details of a project, estimate the cost, then have IM automatically create Releases in Release Manager using that information.

Add Plutora Test data to your forms. Plutora Test’s external APIs can now be called through the custom javascript engine

Initiative Management form v45200

Location of the IM Module

The IM module can be found in the following areas:

  • IM Dashboard:
    • Customizable dashboard displaying the information captured by the IM forms.
    • Go to Dashboard > IM Dashboard.
  • Initiative Menu:
  • IM Reports:
    • Go to Reporting > Analytics.
  • IM Customizations:
    • Go to Settings > Customization > Initiatives.
    • Form Builder:
      • Allows administrators to build IM forms.
    • Setup (Initiative) Customization:
      • Allows administrators to:
        • Enable IM so that the IM Dashboard and IM menu appear in the blue navigation menu.
        • Customize the IM menu name.
        • Customize the formatting of the IM menu.
        • Create the IM menu structure and links.

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