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On the ‘Systems’ tab, you can set whether Systems are impacted by or receive a regression risk from a Release or Release Template. This is done by adding the impacted Systems to the respective ‘System Subtypes’.

Plutora provides two default System Subtypes:

  • Code Implementation Dependency
  • Regression Verification Dependency
You can create two more custom System Subtypes to make it easier to track System impacts. For more information, see System Subtype Customization
This article provides a brief overview of steps to add the Systems to the System Subtypes that are or going to be impacted by the Release.
You can do this task in a Release Template or Release.


You must have the following user permissions:

  • Assign Systems to Enterprise Release
  • Assign Systems to Independent Release
  • Assign Systems to Project Release
  • View Systems Tab

Release > Manager

Access ‘Systems’ tab

To access the Systems tab:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Release Manager’ page.
  2. Search for the Release or Release Template where you want to manage the Systems. You can use the filter options available on this page.
  3. Open the record by clicking on the Release ID or Release Name.
  4. Click on the Systems tab.
The Left-Hand Side displays the available Systems that you can drag and drop to the System Subtypes. The Right-Hand Side displays the available System Subtypes. ‘Code Implementation Dependency’ and ‘Regression Verification Dependency’ are the default System Subtypes provided by Plutora.
  • Code Implementation Dependency: Available in Enterprise, Project, and Independent Releases.
  • Regression Verification Dependency: Available in Project, and Independent Releases only.

For more information, see System Subtype Customization


Adding Systems to System Subtypes

To add the Systems to System Subtypes, drag and drop the Systems from the ‘Systems Available’ section to applicable System Subtypes.

Click the Free Text field to make it editable so you can type text. Administrators can toggle the visibility and label of the ‘Free Text’ field using the Release Setup Customization.  

After adding the Systems, click .

Manage Deployment Dates

Add or edit deployment dates for Systems by clicking  The ‘Deployment Dates’ pop-up opens.

  • Add Deployment Date: Click and fill in the fields.
  • Edit Deployment Dates: Double click the deployment to make it editable and update.
  • Remove Deployment Date: Click on the record that you want to delete and then click .

Manage Comments

To manage System comments:

  • View comments: Click the number that appears next to . The existing comments display with user, date, and timestamp details.
  • Add a comment: Click  and enter your comment in Your comment field. Then click .
  • Reply to a comment: Click Reply below a comment. Enter your reply and click .
  • Edit a comment: You can only edit your own comments. Click Edit below a comment. Edit your comment and click .

More Information

Create a New System

To create a new System, click on the top of the tab. The ‘Create New System’ pop-up displays. Fill in the fields on this pop-up to create a new System. For further details on this pop-up, see Add Or Edit Systems.

Filter Systems

Live Search for Systems or Portfolio Associations or view a tree menu of Portfolio Associations by clicking the Search drop-down menu.

You can also use Query Builder to filter the system by clicking .

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