Navigation Menu Features

Release Templates appear inside search results and Recent Items.

The blue navigation menu appears at the top of every page. It contains the navigation menu, with links to every part of Plutora.

Toggle and Customize Menu Items

Certain menu items can be toggled and customized by administrators:


Search Plutora

The search engine searches everything but PIRs, TECR ID Number, and Environment Groups.

To search Plutora:

  1. Click the magnifying glass button.
  2. Type your search.
    You can search for Releases, Changes, TECRs, TEBRs, Environments, or Systems. (But not Environment Groups, Deployment Plans, Master Deployment Plans, PIRs, or PIR Items.
  3. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
    *NEW* Release Templates now appear in search results.

    Administrators can prevent users from viewing and booking Environments and Environment Groups outside their Portfolio Association by selecting the My Portfolio Association checkbox for the Restrict Site-Wide View of Environments user permission.


View Recent Items

To view Releases, TEBRs, TECRs, Deployment Plans, Systems, and Environments you have recently opened:

  1. Click Recent Items.
  2. Click to open an item.
    *NEW* Release Templates now appear inside Recent Items.


View My Activities

Your Release Activities has been renamed My Activities. 

To view your Release Activities or PIR Actions:

  1. Click the My Activities button.

    Custom Scripts can now affect this pop up.
  2. Click Release Activities tab or My PIR Actions tab.
    The My PIR Actions tab now has filters to Show all by Entity  (Actions or Preventative Measures) and Show all by Status (Preventative Measure Statuses).

  3. Sort and filter your activities.
  4. Click to open an activity.

To bulk update your activities:

  1. Select two or more activities.
  2. Click Bulk Update.


View the User Menu

The user menu allows users to update their own profile and settings. Administrators can update all users at Settings > User Management.

To view the user menu:

  1. Click the user name to open the menu.
  2. Choose a function:

    1. To find out how to update your profile, click here.
    2. To find out how to update your password, click here.
  3. Click Help to be taken to the Plutora Support Site.
  4. Click Logout to log out of Plutora.


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