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DUE LATE JANUARY 2020: Now, you can help your company achieve high-level views of software delivery, performance, and goal delivery by using the DevOps Dashboard to track DORA’s four DevOps KPIs, which are:

    • How often do you deploy?
    • How well do you deploy?
    • How fast do you deploy?
    • How quickly do you fix problems?
  • Find the DevOps Dashboard at:
    Reporting > Analytics > Explore > Generic > DevOps Dashboard

Tableau provides generic help files for its software, including videos, and a community (including forums and user groups).

Please find a list of relevant Tableau help files below. You can also view the Tableau release notes. Help Files

See the help files that Tableau provides for its software.


Click free Tableau training videos and navigate to Tableau Online. You will need to create an account and log in before you can view the videos.


Tableau’s online forums and user groups.

Release Notes

View the Tableau Online release notes.

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