Bulk Update Deployment Plans

Users can save time by bulk updating Deployment Plans.

Only the stakeholders of Deployment Plans in Draft status can be bulk updated, and Stakeholders can only be added to all selected Deployment Plans. Stakeholders cannot be bulk deleted.

Bulk Update Stakeholder Deployment Plan May 2017

To Bulk Update Deployment Plans:

  1. Go to Deployment > Deployment Plan.
  2. Click to select the checkboxes of two or more Deployment Plans under the Draft phase tab.
    Deployment Plans cannot be updated if they are in Approved, Execution or Completed phase.
  3. Select Bulk Update from the Action drop down menu.
  4. Manage Stakeholders:
    1. Add a new Stakeholder to the plan:

      When users are added as stakeholders more than once, they will appear as a stakeholder only once with all their Roles and Stakeholder RACI Roles merged.
      For example, if a stakeholder with Role A and all the RACI Roles was added again with Role B and no RACI Roles, the stakeholder would appear only once with Roles A and B and all the RACI Roles.

      Add Stakeholder Bulk Update Deployment Plan

      1. Click Add Stakeholder.
      2. Select a User Name or a User Group from the Name or User Group drop down menu.
      3. Select a role from the Role drop down menu.
        Administrators can add roles using the Stakeholder Role Customization.
      4. The Email field is not editable.
      5. Click to select a Stakeholders RACI checkbox.
      6. Click Add & Close.
    2. To remove a Stakeholder:
      1. Click the red X next to their name.
        Deployment Plan stakeholders delete button
  5. Click Update.

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