Add Or Edit Systems

Add or edit Systems from the Systems Manager page. Users can also duplicate a system.

1. Details

To add or edit a System:

  1. Add:
    1. By + New:
      1. Go to + New > Other > System.
    2. By Systems Manager:
      1. Go to Environment > Systems.
      2. Click + New System.
  2. Edit: Click a blue-linked System Name to edit a System.
    Once you have clicked save or are editing a System, you can:

    1. Click the Contact stakeholders  button to send an email to every stakeholder in the entire Environment Group:
      1. Type a single email address into the From field.
      2. Type an email Subject.
      3. Type an email Body.
      4. Click Send.
    2. Manage Aliases:
      Aliases are alternative names for the System. They must be unique and cannot be the same as the System’s Name. They are searchable in the Systems grid Live Search.

      1. Add an Alias:

        *NEW* System Aliases can now be managed through Plutora’s API.

        1. Type an Alias in the Alias(es) field.
        2. Click Save Alias.
      2. Delete an Alias:
        1. Click the red delete button.
          Delete button TEBR Form Customization
  3. Type or edit the System Name.
  4. Type a Description.
  5. Type a Vendor.
    Vendors now appear as a column on the Systems page and the Systems XLS export file.
  6. Click to select a Status radio button.
  7. Select a Portfolio Association.
  8. Manage Stakeholders:
    1. Add a Stakeholder:
      1. Click Add Stakeholders.

        When users are added as stakeholders more than once, they will appear as a stakeholder only once with all their Roles and Stakeholder RACI Roles merged.
        For example, if a stakeholder with Role A and all the RACI Roles was added again with Role B and no RACI Roles, the stakeholder would appear only once with Roles A and B and all the RACI Roles.

      2. Select a User Name or a User Group from the Name or User Group drop-down menu.
      3. Select a role from the System Role drop-down menu.
        Administrators can add roles using the Stakeholder Role Customization.
      4. The Email field is not editable.
      5. Click to select a Stakeholders RACI checkbox.
      6. Click Add & Close.
      7. Click Save.
    2. Delete a Stakeholder:
      1. Click to select a Stakeholder.
        The Stakeholder will highlight in yellow.
      2. Click Remove.


2. Additional Information

The Additional Information tab contains custom fields, which administrators have added using System Custom Fields Customization. These fields will vary between each Plutora installation. Please consult your administrator for the procedure for filling in these fields.

If a user lacks permission to see a custom field tab’s fields, that tab will now be hidden for that user. (The permission is set in System Custom Fields Customization.)
  1. Click Additional Information tab.
  2. Fill in the fields.
  3. Click Save when you have finished.


3. Dependencies

To show what Systems are dependent on this System:

  1. Click the Dependencies tab.
    Dependencies tab is grayed out until the new System has been saved.
  2. Drag and drop Systems into Upstream System Dependencies or Downstream System Dependencies.



4. Approvers

The users selected under this tab will be capable of approving bookings for Environments linked to this System.

To select users:

  1. Click the Approvers tab.
  2. Select users from the Users drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save & Close.



View Audit History

Click the clock-shaped button  to view the Audit History of the record. To see more information about Audit History, click here.


Copy URL to Clipboard

Users can copy a System’s URL to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to Clipboard   button on the top right of the pop up.



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