Add Or Edit PIRs

Users can add and edit PIRs on the PIR Manager page.

To add or edit a PIR:

1. Details Tab

To manage PIRs

  1. Add a PIR:
    1. By + New:
      1. Go to  + New > PIR > PIR.
    2. By PIR Manager:
      1. Go to PIR > Manager:
      2. Click + New PIR.
  2. Edit a PIR: Click a PIR in the left-hand panel.
  3. Under the PIR Details tab.
  4. Type the ID. (Mandatory field.)
  5. Type the Name. (Mandatory field.)
  6. Type a Description.
  7. Select a Type. (Mandatory field.)
    Administrators can manage Type items using the PIR Type Customization.  
  8. Select a Status. (Mandatory field.)
    Administrators can manage Status items using the PIR Status Customization.  
  9. Associate the PIR with Releases by selecting one or more Releases from the PIR is for Release/s combo box.
    The PIR is for Release/s field now shows Release Type and Release Title (whether the Release is Enterprise, Project, or Independent).

  10. Manage Attachments:
    1. Manage URLs:
      1. Add a URL:
        1. Click + New.
        2. Click Add URL.
          Add URL
        3. Type a valid URL in the URL Link field.
        4. Click Save & Close.
      2. View a URL:
        1. Click the view button.
          View Attachment
        2. Click the X in the top right corner to close the attachment.
      3. Delete a URL:
        1. Click the delete button.
          Red Trash Bin Delete Button
    2. Manage files:
      1. Add a file:
        1. Click + New.
        2. Click Add file.
        3. Click to select an attachment.
        4. Click Open.
      2. View a file attachment:
        1. Click the view button.
          View Attachment
        2. Click the X in the top right corner to close the attachment.
      3. Download a file attachment:
        1. Click the download button.
          Download Attachment
          Your attachment should start downloading immediately.
          Save the file to your hard drive if prompted.
      4. Delete a file attachment:
        1. Click the delete button.
          Red Trash Bin Delete Button


2. PIR Items tab



PIR Items tab allows users to view the PIR Items associated with the selected PIR, and add and edit PIR items.

To add PIR Items:

  1. Click PIR Items tab.
  2. Click + New PIR Item.
  3. Go to Add Or Edit PIR Items for more information.

Filter PIR Items with the Grid Column Selector:

  1. Type filter queries (or select from the drop-down menus) at the top of each column and press the Enter key.
    Active filters highlight in green.
  2. Clear filter queries by clicking the grey X.


3. Additional Information Tab

The Additional Information tab contains custom fields, which administrators have added using PIR Custom Fields Customization. These fields will vary between each Plutora installation. Please consult your administrator for the procedure for filling in these fields.

If a user lacks permission to see a custom field tab’s fields, that tab will now be hidden for that user. (The permission is set in PIR Custom Fields Customization.)
  1. Click Additional Information tab.
  2. Fill in the fields.
  3. Click Save when you have finished.


4. Questionnaire Tab


Users can create questionnaires to poll other users.

To create a new questionnaire:

  1. Click Create Questionnaire tab.
  2. Type the Name of the questionnaire.
  3. Type the recipient Emails.
    Do not click Send until you have finished the questions. 
  4. Click Add New Group to create a heading.
  5. Click Add New Question.
  6. Type a question that can be answered by users selecting stars.
  7. Delete questions or groups by clicking the red delete button.
    User Delete
  8. Click Save & Close.

When complete, questionnaires can be emailed to users for feedback.

To send the questionnaire to users:

  1. Check that the recipient emails are correct.
  2. Click Send.
  3. Users answer their questionnaire by selecting 1 to 5 stars for each question.

To copy a questionnaire:

  1. Click Copy Questionnaire.
  2. Click to select a questionnaire.
  3. Click Copy & Close. 


PIR Workflow

PIR workflow

Workflows allow administrators to control the way PIRs are processed. Using the PIR Status Customization, administrators can set:

  • The sequence of PIR Statuses for each PIR Type.
  • The User Groups or User Roles that have the permission to update each PIR Status.

For instance, a PIR Type might have a workflow based on the PIR Statuses: Draft > Active > Complete. All User Roles might have permission to change the PIR Status from Draft to Active (using the Status drop-down menu) but only a Manager User Role might have permission to change the PIR Status from Active to Complete. This workflow would allow managers to check each PIR before it is completed.

If the Enable Post Implementation Review Item Workflow checkbox is selected in PIR Status Customization, users can:

  1. Go to PIR > Manager.
  2. Open a PIR by clicking one in the left-hand panel.
  3. Click Show Workflow Show Workflow button PIR to view the PIR’s workflow path and see who initiated each status update.
    The workflow bar appears.
  4. Click Hide Workflow to hide the workflow.



View the Audit History of a PIR

To view the audit history of a PIR:

  1. Go to PIR > PIR Manager.
  2. Click to open a PIR.
  3. Click the Audit History button in the top-right corner. To see more information about Audit History, click here.
    Audit History redesign
  4. Search and filter the audit history:
    1. Live Search:  Type a parameter or value and press the Enter key.
    2. Filter: Click to select one or more of the All, Added, Modified or Deleted checkboxes.


Copy URL to Clipboard

Users can copy a PIR’s URL to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to ClipboardCopy to Clipboard button PIR button on the top right of the pop up.



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Updated on July 28, 2020

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