Plutora Production Release Notes Major July 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide July 2014


Functional Enhancements in Release 2.0.87

Deployment Plan Manager

Deployment Plan

  • Dependencies:
    • The ability to have multiple dependencies per activity has been added to Deployment Plan under “Dependencies” pop-up window. (By clicking the document icon in the Dependency column under Deployment Activities grid.)
    • Users can drag and drop the order of the dependency sequence based on the Deployment Activity Row.
    • Added a new column named “Finish to Start” in the dependencies window. By toggling this on it requires the user to complete the dependent activity first.
    • The row number will be highlighted red to indicate that the dependent deployment activity is overdue.
  • Usability Enhancement:
    • Save buttons have been added to the Deployment Activities grid to allow the user to easily save the Deployment Plan without scrolling to the top of the page.
    • Originally, the description column for each Development Activity was mandatory, so users had to populate those fields to approve the Deployment Plan. Now this description column has been made optional so that users can approve the Deployment Plan without filling in the Description Field.


Environment Manager

Environment Requests

  • Environment Change Request Status Workflow:
    • A new column called “Assign Role Permission” has been added to the “CR Status” under “Customization” window.
    • Users are now able to set permissions for the “Status” of an Environment Change Request according to different roles under the “Assign Role Permission”.
    • If a user with role “Release Manager” hasn’t been assigned to change request status of “Pending” the user will not be able to set an environment change request status to, “Pending”.
    • All statuses will still be displayed in the status combo box of the Environment Change Request but if the user is in a role which isn’t allocated in customizations, then the status will be grayed out, and the user will not be able to assign the unallocated status to the “Environment Change Request”.
  • Environment Change Request Window Cosmetics:


Release Manager

Release Calendar

  • Release Calendar Performance Enhancement:
    • The performance of loading the Release Calendar has been improved dramatically when loading more than 150 monthly items.
  • Release Calendar – Release Counts Improvement:
    • The ‘+ more’ indicator in the Release Calendar excludes the Enterprise Release when calculating how many more items are on the list for that day.

Release Manager

  • Release Approval Workflow:
    • This feature can be enabled in, “Customizations” in the “Release Intake Status” section.
    • When a release is associated to an Enterprise Release, users can define whether the child release can be approved.
    • Users are now able to assign a different background color to various release statuses.
    • The release status will also be displayed under the “Release” tab next to the “Release Dependency”.
    • Under the Dependent Releases Tab of an Enterprise Release, users can change the statuses of a child release via a drop down list.
  • Enterprise Release Ignore Child:
    • A new column called “Ignore Child” has been added to the Phases & Gates section of the “Release” Tab under the Enterprise Release pop-up window.
    • When the checkbox in this column is ticked, the selected Phases/Gates and the related Activities/Criteria will be excluded from child releases.
    • If the selected checkbox is re-enabled again the Phases/Gates and associated Activities/Criteria will be recovered under the child releases.
  • Release Data Grid Performance Enhancement:
    • To improve the Release data grid performance, only 50 records will be displayed (when no query builder or live search is running) and users can use Query Builder to filter out more records.
    • If an Enterprise Release has several child releases and it reaches the cap, it will display the additional child releases. You may have over 50 records.
  • Release ID/Name Duplication Check:
    • When trying to add a new Release with an existing Release ID/Name, a validation check appears. This also occurs for duplicating or editing Releases with existing IDs/Names.

Release Schedule

  • Release Schedule Performance Enhancement:
    • When there are 100+ records to be displayed in the Release Schedule grid, a pop-up window will be shown to let the user decide whether to display the larger set of unfiltered results or filter the results to obtain a smaller amount of data.


Release Manager

  • Report Permission on saving Public Reports:
    • Creating and deleting Pubic reports is based on the permission that has been set for role associated with the user.
    • This option can be enabled or disabled under “User Management” window which is called “Create/Delete Public Reports”.



  • Drill Through:
    • Drill through has been applied to the entire Application to enhance the usability of Plutora.
    • For instance, a user can navigate to a System via the Systems tab in Releases.
    • Moreover, users also can edit the pop up window through Drill Though with the correct permission.
  • My Assigned Activities – Bulk Update:
    • Bulk Update has been implemented to the “Your Release Activities” when users click the mail icon on the top right corner of the Application.
    • Users can select the checkbox and apply Bulk Update to the activities that have been assigned to them.
  • Recently Viewed Items:
    • A ‘Recent Items’ button has been applied to the top right corner of the Application for users to easily navigate to recently viewed items.
    • If a user clicks an Environment Change Request under the “Environment Requests” window the Environment Change Request will be displayed and hyperlinked in the “Recent Items” window and the hyperlink will open the Environment Change Request. This functionality has been applied to the pop-up windows of the entire Application.
    • Users can edit the corresponding items and save the changes via the Recent Items pop-up windows.
    • The last ten items used will be displayed under the Recently Viewed Items.
  • Restricted Field Length of Live Search:
    • All Live Search Fields have been limited to 35 characters.
  • User access restriction on saving public Query Builders:
    • User’s abilities to save and delete Query Builder filters is restricted based on the user’s roles.
    • The restrictions can be set under the “User Management” Window and is called “Create/Delete Public Query Builder filters”.
    • A user will still be able to edit/delete private Query, but creating and deleting Public Query is based on the permission that has been set for role associated with this user.
  • The following permissions have been added:


Bug Fixes

Environment Map

Problem Fix
The Environment Map was not rendering correctly and half of the screen had been cut off. The Environment Map renders properly so that Environment Map fits into the correct region.

Environment Utilization Reports

Problem Fix
When users set the TimeScale to “Monthly”, the data grid would display the Yearly view instead when the “View” button is clicked. The Datagrid displays the Environment Utilization based on “Monthly” when Monthly TimeScale is selected.
When users select a month as the Start Date, the view will show the end of the month instead of the beginning of the month. When the user selects a month as Start Date, it now starts from the beginning of the month.
When users select a month as the End Date, the view will show the beginning of the month instead of the end of the month. When the user selects a month as End Date, it now starts from the end of the month.


Problem Fix
Under, “Additional Information” Tag of Release Manager, the drop down list was pulling inconsistent data which was defined under, “Release Custom Lists” of “Customization” Window. The drop down list is pulling the correct information that has been defined under, “Release Custom Lists”.
When a Release information filled in the Additional information tab, the Release would sometimes not get deleted. The releases are now correctly deleted when all links have been removed.

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