Plutora Release Notes for April Release 2024

New Features

Add Change to Release with no Systems in common

Navigation: Release > Changes tab; Change > Delivery Releases tab.
Now you can add Change to Release with no Systems associated with your Change or Release.
For more information, see Manage Release Changes and Manage Delivery Release.

Filtering on Change Delivery Release tab

Navigation: Change > Delivery Release tab.
Now you can view all Target and Actual Delivery Releases, as well as potential Releases to be linked with your Change, and filter them by every viewable parameter in the grid. Also, checkboxes state gets saved immediately now.
For more information, see Manage Delivery Release.

CD Pipeline upgrade

Navigation: Environment > Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
The Continuous Delivery Pipeline page has been upgraded with two distinct views: one for Environments and another for Environment Groups. Upon filtering Environments or Environment Groups along with Systems/Subsystems, users now benefit from a clear visualization of Last Deployment details and Build details per System/Subsystem, enhancing efficiency and clarity in tracking project progress.
Environment view:
Environment Group view:
For more information, see Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

Release API to include External ID

Navigation: API > Releases.
Now you can manage Release External ID via API when integrating other tools with Plutora.
Upgraded end points:

  • GET /releases/id
  • GET /releases
  • POST /releasetemplates/createrelease

TEBR API to include Watchers

Navigation: API > TEBR.
Now you can manage your TEBR Watchers via API.
Upgraded end points:
  • GET /TEBRs/{id}?includeWatcher=true
  • PUT /TEBRs/id

Environment Health Check tooltips

Navigation: Environment > Health Check Dashboard.
Now you can view the main details of your Environment in the tooltip on hover over the card. Details displayed:

  • Environment Name
  • Environment Description (if exists)
  • Last update time
  • Last test name (if exists)