Plutora Release Notes for early March 2023

New Features

Deployment Plan Activity email dependency check

Navigation: Customizations > Email Notifications

Now, you can prevent email notifications for due or overdue deployment plan activities from being sent if the activity is not actually ready to be executed because of pending upstream dependent activities. Thus, preventing activities from being prematurely executed.

  • For Deployment Plan Activity email notifications, the following triggers now have an option to only send when upstream dependencies have been satisfied
    • Activity is about to start
    • Activity hasn’t started on time
    • Activity hasn’t ended on time
  • When the option is enabled, the application will first verify all upstream activity dependencies are satisfied before sending any email notifications
  • The application will also consider the dependency type as it relates to the either the Activity start date/time or end date/time. For example, if the upstream dependency is of Type F-F then the ‘Activity is about to start’ and ‘Activity hasn’t started on time’ notification will still send as that dependency Type only prevents the Activity from being Completed before the upstream dependencies is satisfied. It does not prevent the activity from being started
For more information, see Email Template Wizard

Data sources updated for Subsystems

Now, you can easily report on Systems and Subsystems, as well as Subsystem instances and the builds deployed to them. With these new updates user can:
  • Report on all Subsystems within each System
  • Easily distinguish between Systems and Subsystems being impacted by each Release, Change, TEBR, Deployment Plan and Deployment Plan Activity
  • Report on all Subsystem instances within an Environment and the Builds deployed to each instance
  • Report on the Target Builds being deployed to an Environment as part of a TECR or Deployment Plan Activity
The following data sources have been updated:
  • Systems
  • Release Systems v2
  • Change System v2
  • Environment v2
  • Environment Booking Requests
  • Environment Change Requests v5
  • Deployment Plans v2
  • Deployment Plan Activities v2
  • Builds

New API Endpoints for Changes & Release

Now, its easier to update the full list of impacted systems on a Change and Release as well as update the Target and Actual Delivery Releases for Change records.

The following new API endpoints are available

  • Put /Changes/{id}/Systems
  • Put /Release/{id}/Systems
  • Put /Changes/{id}/DeliveryReleases

For more information, see Visualize Plutora’s APIs with Swagger

New External ID field for Changes

Navigation: Release > Changes

Now, there is a new core field called External ID for integrations to utilize as a standardized field to capture the External ID of the record the change was created from.

The External ID field can only be updated via the API

For more information, see Add or Edit Changes

Bug Fixes

  • 17488, 27725: [Deployment Plan Activities] It is possible to schedule Downtime hours outside of Start and End time hours
  • 19857: [Query Builder] Entity query table data is being deleted
  • 22050, 27679: [Release] Navigating away from the main release tab asks to save changes
  • 26084: [Emails] Deployment Plan Activities Completed email trigger is not working if Actual_Duration is in the body
  • 27285: [Health Check Dashboard] Emails are sent when Environment status is updated to the same status
  • 27707: [Release] Bulk updating change statuses does not update the release change tab’s status/modes tally
  • 27780: [Permission] ‘Add/Edit/Delete Activities in ….. in Execution Mode’ does not work for My Portfolio
  • 28224: [Jenkins Integration] Toggling Jenkins Instances fails

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

TypeSchedule *
User Acceptance Testing24 February, 2023
Asia-Pacific Release02 March, 2023 7:30pm – 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release05 March, 2023 11:00pm – 1:30am (BST)
Americas Release05 March, 2023 9:00pm – 11:30pm (PST)

*Subject to change

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