Deployment Plan Library

Deployment Plan Library allows users to view, search and filter their Deployment Plans. On the Deployment Plan Library page you can perform the following actions: Add or Edit Deployment Plans. Delete Deployment Plans. Bulk Update Deployment Plans. Duplicate Deployment Plans. Open a Deployment Plan by clicking the Name. Navigate Master Deployment

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Add, Edit, And Execute Deployment Plans

Users can add and edit Master Deployment Plans and Deployment Plans on the Deployment Plan Library page. What are the Differences between Master and Child Deployment Plans? Master Deployment Plans are a way of aggregating information across multiple Deployment Plans in order to get an overall view of deployment, and

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Delete Deployment Plans

Delete Deployment Plans from the Deployment Plan Manager page. Users can also bulk delete Deployment Plans. Delete a Deployment Plan To delete a Deployment Plan: Go to Deployment > Manager. Delete from the Deployment Manager page: Click to select the checkbox of a Deployment Plan. Click Delete. Click Delete on the confirmation prompt to

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Bulk Update Deployment Plans

Users can save time by bulk updating Deployment Plans. Only the stakeholders of Deployment Plans in Draft mode can be bulk updated. Bulk Update Deployment Plans To Bulk Update Deployment Plans: Go to Deployment > Manager. Click to select the checkboxes of two or more Deployment Plans under the Draft mode tab.

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Duplicate Deployment Plans

Duplicating a Deployment Plan saves users from re-entering information. Duplicate a Deployment Plan When a Master Deployment Plan is duplicated, its Systems and Releases are not duplicated because they are assigned in, and belong to, the child Deployment Plans. Duplicated Deployment Plans have their mode set to Draft. The Audit History of

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