Deployment Plan Library

Introduction Deployment Plan Library allows you to view, search and filter the Deployment Plans. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Deployment Manager’ user permission to be able to view and access the ‘Deployment Plan Library’ page. Navigation Deployment > Manager Deployment Plan Library Layout and Features a: Filter fields b: Deployment Plan

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Add/Edit Deployment Plans

Introduction This article provides a brief overview of steps to add and edit Master Deployment Plans and Deployment Plans. To learn more, see Master/Child/Independent Deployment Plan. You can create a Master Deployment Plan or a Deployment Plan. To learn more, see Master/Child/Independent Deployment Plan. See Introduction to Deployment Plan Library

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Delete Deployment Plans

Introduction Delete Deployment Plans from the Deployment Plan Manager page. You can also bulk delete Deployment Plans. Pre-requisite You must have the following user permissions: Delete Deployment Plan Delete Deployment Plan in Completed State Navigation Deployment > Manager. Delete from the Pop-Up To delete a Deployment Plan from the pop-up:

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Update Deployment Plans Stakeholders

Introduction The ‘Update Stakeholders’ feature enables you to bulk update the Stakeholders in the Deployment Plans. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Update Master Deployment Plan’ and/or ‘Update Deployment Plan’ user permissions. Navigation Deployment > Manager Update Stakeholders To Bulk Update Stakeholders in the Deployment Plans: Go to Deployment > Manager. Select the checkboxes

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Duplicate Deployment Plans

Introduction Duplicating a Deployment Plan saves your time from re-entering information. When a Master Deployment Plan is duplicated, its Systems and Releases are not duplicated because they are assigned in, and belong to, the child Deployment Plans. When a Deployment Plan is duplicated, the Release value will not be duplicated and

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