Stingray – Plutora Production Release Notes October 2015

Features Included in Stingray

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU 18th October 2015
UK 25th October 2015
US 25th October 2016


Major Functionality Enhancements

New Workflow for Release > Change Status Combo

  • Change Status Workflow Setting
    • Plutora provides new functionality to define an advanced Release > Change Status Workflow.
    • This new functionality can be turned on under the Customization > Change > Change Status > Enable Change Workflow.
    • Via the Change Workflow Diagram window, users can define the Status Workflow based on the Change Type.
    • Users can drag the available Change Status from the left available column to the right drawing area. You can then link and order the Status via the top right-hand corner square link icon.
  • Change Status Workflow Functionality
    • After turning on the new option, users can access this functionality via the Change window and click the “expand Change workflow” button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Based on the predefined workflow, users can carry out the Change Status based on the Change Status Workflow.

TEBR Refactoring

  • The Test Environment Booking Request form has been redesigned to deliver a simpler, clearer and more user-friendly booking process.
  • Users can create the Test Environment Booking Request with the normal procedure via the TEBR button.
  • The new TEBR form has been divided into six sections as following:
    • Test Environment Booking Requests detail
    • Associating the existing Release or creating new Release with this Booking Request
    • Impacted Systems if needed
    • Associating the Environments with the Release’s Phases
    • Once the Environments got associated with the Release’s Phases, users will be able to view the Booking Conflicts with other Releases
    • Users can then set the Booking Request Status on the last section
  • Users can view the Booking Requests Conflicts with both the Schedule view and a detailed Visual Conflict view. Based on the Time Scale and Start/End Date, users can view the Release’s Phase/Environment availability from this detailed grid view.

My Favorites List

  • Users now can add Releases or Projects to their favorite items list to quickly access those Releases or Projects with fewer clicks.
  • An ‘Add to Favourites’ star icon has been added to the Release Window, top right corner.
  • Once the Release has been marked as Favourite, users can access this Release by hovering the mouse over the Release Menu, and the Favourite Release will be displayed at the bottom of the menu.
  • By clicking the star icon under the menu, users can remove the Release from the Favourite.

System Impact Matrix Consolidation

  • One extra filter called “Show by System Portfolio” has been added to the System Impact Matrix.
  • By default, the System Impact Matrix will display the Systems by the Release.
  • This new filter will allow users to view the System Impact Matrix based on the Systems Portfolio Association.

Bulking Updating of Systems

  • A new checkbox has been added to the Systems Grid so that each system can now be easily selected.
  • Once multiple Systems have been selected, users will be able to select the Bulk Update option under Action button.
  • Users can Bulk Update the Systems details, Stakeholders, Additional Information and Environment Approvers.
  • This new functionality can be enabled/disabled based on users’ role under Settings > User Management > Manage Permission.

Release Activities Enhancements

  • Users now will have the ability to import/export Release Activities from/to XLS.
  • For importing Release Activities, users can download the Template via the Release Activity button.
    • With the corresponding necessary information filled in the XLS, users can then import the Release Activities.
  • For exporting Release Activities, users can carry out this functionality via the Action button > Export to XLS under Release Activity tab.
  • In addition to importing Activities from other Releases or Projects, Plutora now allows users to duplicate multiple Release Activities via the Action button under Release Activities tab.
  • Once the target Activities have been selected, users then can duplicate those Activities to other Releases.


Functional Enhancements

Release Manager

Additional Information Enhancement

  • Drag and Drop Additional Information.
    • Users now can add ‘Drag and Drop’ custom control to the Additional Information grid. This is especially very handy when users would like to see all selectable options and drag them from left to right.
    • The available fields can be set via the Customization > Release Custom Fields.

Release Calendar Filter enhancement

  • An extra option has been created for users to view Release by either Release ID or Release name under Release Calendar.

Channel Impacting Systems with Releases

  • This functionality can be set under Customization > Releases > Channel Impacting Systems.
  • Systems are selectable from combo box with a list of existing systems; single selection is be allowed.
  • Users can select multiple Systems from this page.
  • ‘Additional Information’ tab of release will contain a new non-editable custom field called ‘Channel Impacting’ with Yes/No values.
  • If the System/s is/are in the Release Regression list, the field will be displayed under the additional information of the Release.


Environment Manager

Environment Impact Matrix Enhancement

  • Users will be able to click the Allocation Status grid to view the Allocation in the Test Environment Allocation window.
  • The Environment Impact Matrix will show the Environment associated to the Release along with the corresponding Status of the Allocation including Approved, Pending and Rejected.

Environment Schedule Filter enhancement

  • Previously, for the Systems Filter under Environment Schedule, users could only search System via their corresponding Portfolio Association. Users can now search for a particular System by its name.

Environments – Allow user to copy Techs & Specs

  • Users now will have the ability to copy the Techs & Specs component ‘Version’ value via the ‘Control + C’ for Windows or ‘Command + C’ for OSX regardless whether the user has the permission to edit the techs & specs of the Environment.

Environment Stack – Performance Improvements

  • The non-detailed view of the Environment stack has been removed, with the detailed view being the standard Environment Stack view.
  • The Environment Stack page loading time has significantly improved.


Deployment Manager

Actual Time Completed for Deployment Plan

  • To incorporate the real-life scenario of users being late to log in and update their deployment progress, users can now add an “Actual Time Completed” for Deployment Plan Tasks.
  • This fields is restricted to certain users and the permission “Update Activity Actual Time Completed” can be set under Settings > User Management > Manage Permissions.


Post Implementation Review

Audit History

  • The editing history of the PIR and PIR item will be stored by Plutora.
  • And users can access the history via the hourglass icon in the PIR window.

Email Notification

  • Users can send the PIR items to other users, and the receiver will be able to view the PIR Items detail without logging into the Plutora.
  • This functionality can be carried out via the bottom section of PIR items window.
  • The receiver can access the PIR Item via the hyperlink contained in the email.


Report Manager

Report Administration Template

  • Users now can set their Dashboard Template under Reporting > Administration > Dashboard.
  • The Dashboard Template will be based on the Users Group.
  • The users belonging to the same User Group will see the same Dashboard Template.
  • If users have added their own widget to the Dashboard, the default Dashboard will be overwritten. Unless the user hits the reset button, the default dashboard will be loaded again.



Email Template Wizard for Release Entity

  • An extra trigger called “Implementation Date Changed only” has been added to the Release Entity.
  • As the name indicated, the customized email will be sent only when the implementation date is changed.

Email Template Wizard for Deployment Plan

  • Users now will have the ability to customize the content of the Deployment Plan Broadcasting Email.
  • The on/off condition will still be based on each individual Deployment Plan.

Auto Saving on Tab Change (Release pop up only)

  • When users change the Tab and click the Save button on the new Tab, the editing history of the previous Tab will be automatically saved by Plutora.
  • For the Release Only, an extra pop up message will appear and ask users whether or not to save the changes that have been made. See Add or Edit: Enterprise Releases, Project Releases, Independent Releases.

Logout Warning Message can be configured to show time to log out

  • In Customization > Site Settings> Session Timeout, users can specify how many minutes before a user session timeout occurs. When a timeout is approaching the warning message appears and prompts users to take action.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Duplicating Release will increment Release number by one at each time.
The System Deployment status under the Release will always be aligned perfectly and the column select state will always be kept by Plutora.
The Changes window has been widened to accommodate all text.
The Change window no longer freezes when a List component field is selected.

Report Manager

The Report filter can be saved and loaded correctly.
 Public sub-folders now appear correctly across all users in the subdomain.


The Email Template Wizard won’t load under certain circumstances.

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