Plutora Production Release Notes October 2013

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide 1 October 2013


Functional Enhancements


  • While the default user types of Admin, Manager & Requestor still remain, users can create their own user types and the permissions they have under Settings > User Management > Roles & Permissions. Permissions can be set across multiple modules at both organization-wide level or at the user’s organization level.
  • Now that users can modify permissions of a user type, functionality enabled so that the three default permission types are unable to be modified.


  • In the Reporting > Report Center > View All Reports section there is a new report called Enterprise Release Content Monitoring Report. The report is used to produce a real-time report to show how all the Criteria within a release Gate are tracking across all projects in an Enterprise Release.

Deployment Plans

  • Previously, when a Deployment Plan was duplicated, all attachments, even release specific documentation, were automatically copied to the duplicate release. New functionality added so that the user is asked if they would like all attachments to be copied to the duplicate release.

Release Schedule & Environment Schedule

  • The user can create and save queries either publicly or privately so that the view of releases seen in release schedule view is filtered based on the user query filter. This functionality is also applied to the Environment Schedule view.


Bug Fixes


Problem Fix
The user was able to change the group they belong to and then gain visibility of other groups within the organization. New permission added so that users are unable to change their group unless they have permission.

Booking Requests

Problem Fix
In all areas of Plutora, such as booking requests where timings can be included – the time of day automatically defaults to the actual time of day the request has been made. Functionality improved so that all requests where the time is required automatically default to 0:00.

Release Manager – Activities

Problem Fix
There was a refresh problem where activities and criteria that had been bulk deleted still appeared until the screen was refreshed. Logic improved so that the deleted activities and criteria are removed from the UI without the need to refresh the screen.

Release Schedule & Environment Schedule

Problem Fix
Unable to see data labels on the release schedule and environment schedule once the user scrolls down the page. Improved user experience so that labels are now locked and always displayed when the user scrolls down the page.

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