Plutora Feature Release Notes for August 20, 2018

Features Included in the August 20, 2018 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific August 20, 2018
Europe August 22, 2018
Americas August 22, 2018

Functionality Enhancements

It’s now easier to use the Notification Email field.

“As a user, I want to understand how to use the Notification Email feature so I can make an informed decision about whether to use it.”

User Management Enhancement

The name of the person who last updated a TECR or TEBR and the date that they made the update are now displayed in the TECR or TEBR pop up’s header.

“As an Environment Manager, it would help me to know who made the last update to my TECRs and TEBRs and when they made that update.”

Last Updated Name and Date in TECRs and TEBRs

  • Previously, only a TECR or TEBR’s name and number were displayed in the pop up header.
  • Now, TECRs and TEBRs (with and without a Release) also have the name of the person who last updated them and the date on which the update was made.

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