Plutora Feature Release Notes for September 4, 2016

Features Included in the September 4, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific September 4, 2016
Europe September 4, 2016
Americas September 11, 2016

Functionality Enhancements


Find your activities faster than ever.

New Filters for the Your Release Activities Pop Up

  • Previously, the PIR Actions listed on the Your Release Activities pop up under the My PIR Actions tab could not be filtered.
  • Now, you can filter your PIR Actions by Entity (Action or Preventative Measure) or by Status (Preventative Measure Status).
  • Now, you can find your Actions faster and save time.
    Your Release Activities pop up with show by entity
Run multiple JIRA integration jobs at once!

Allow Multiple JIRA Integration Jobs

  • Update: This feature should be available after September 18, 2016.
  • Previously, you could only run a single JIRA integration job at a time.
  • Now, you can create new tabs, each containing its own URL, username, password, settings, and mappings.
  • Every tab operates independently of the others.
  • Plutora and JIRA now integrate better than ever!
    JIRA Integration Customization new tabs


Introducing TEBR Statuses.

TEBR Statuses

  • Previously, users couldn’t record whether their TEBRs had a status, such as New, Booked, Completed and so on.
  • Now, TEBRs have a customizable status, just like TECRs.
  • After September 18, 2016: Users will even be able to implement TEBR status workflows, set up a sequence of TEBR statuses, assign the privilege of setting that status, and all the other workflow benefits.
    TEBR Status Workflow

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