Heron – Plutora Production Release Notes January 2016

Features Included in Heron

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU 31st January 2016
UK 7th February  2016
US 7th February  2016


Major Functionality Enhancements

Outage Flag on TECRs

  • Users can now set a TECR as an outage with specific start and end times showing the length of the outage.
  • Users of an environment will now know the availability of that environment.
  • The number of environment outages can be reported.
  • The Outage Flag can be set on the TECR pop up screen when editing or adding a TECR.

Customize the Panels Available for Dashboard

Read-Only Fields

  • Previously, if a user had the permission to view a field, they also had the permission to edit that field.
  • Now administrators have an additional column called Edit Permissions in the TECR Custom Fields and Release Custom Fields in Settings > Customization.
  • Administrators can set any field to be read-only by selecting the checkboxes in this column.
  • Users will see that field but it will be grayed out and not editable.

ServiceNow Integration

JIRA Integration

  • Previously, systems and issues in JIRA had to be manually added to Plutora.
  • Now users can now easily synchronize all their JIRA systems with Plutora using JIRA Integration in Settings > Customization.
  • Users can now also bulk sync issues from a chosen date range from JIRA. Read more about JIRA Integration.


Functional Enhancements

Release Manager

Release Schedule – Group by Enterprise Release Toggle

Filter Multiple Release Statuses

  • Users can now filter by more than one release status in the grid column filter in Release Manager.
  • For example, users can now view only In-Progress and Draft releases and hide all the other releases.
  • Users can select any number of statuses from the Status drop-down menu in the Release Manager by left clicking and holding down the Shift key.

Multiple End States

  • Completed used to be the only Release Status end state but now other end states can be added, for instance, Dropped.
  • This means releases that have passed their end date but are Dropped or some other end state will no longer be highlighted in red in the Release Manager.

Custom Release and Change Tab Labels

Release Calendar Enhancement

  • Releases that have a System Deployment Date spanning several days will now be included on each of those days in the Release Calendar.
  • Previously, only the system deployment end date was displayed.


Environment Manager

Duplicate Environment Items

Custom Titles

Import Technical Specifications and Configuration

TEBR Approvers or Rejecters

TEBR Comment Section Tab

Multiple Users can Update a TECR

  • Previously two more users updating the same TECR could save over and lose each other’s changes.
  • Now multiple users can update the same TECR and everyone’s changes will be saved.


Deployment Manager

Planned Duration Column in Deployment Plan Library

  • Previously, users had to open each deployment plan to see the plan’s planned duration.
  • Now users can see the duration of every deployment plan at a glance, in the new Duration column in the Deployment Plan Library.

Prevent Completed Deployment Plan Deletion

  • Completed deployment plans hold valuable information and users should not be able to delete them.
  • Now users can be restricted from deleting completing deployment plans.
  • Your completed deployment plans are now safer with the new Delete Deployment Plan in Completed State permission.

Permission to Progress or Regress a Deployment Plan

  • The permission to progress or regress a deployment plan is important and should be restricted only to those who need that permission.
  • Now users can now be restricted from progressing or regressing a deployment plan with the new Progress/Regress Deployment Plan permission.

Deployment Plan Task Multiple Systems

Delete Multiple Tasks in Deployment Plan


Post Implementation Review

Bulk Update

  • Users can easily update multiple PIR items at once with the new bulk update feature.
    The PIR Item bulk update feature has been removed. 
  • Previously, it was necessary to open and update each item separately.
  • Bulk update your PIR times by selecting the checkboxes of multiple PIR items in the PIR Manager page and clicking Action > Bulk Update.



All Links are Clickable Hyperlinks

  • Every piece of text identifiable as a hyperlink is now clickable.

ServiceNow Links

YYYY/MM/DD Date Option

  • Administrators now have the option of using the new ISO standard date format:

Re-Assign Assignee Enhancements

ETL Processing Logic

  • New data will no longer be overwritten by old data when processing files.



Activities, Phases, Criteria and Gates

  • Users can now GET, PUT, POST and DELETE activities, phases, criteria and gates.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Save & Close button now closes change pop up.
Vertical scroll bar now functions correctly in the Additional Information tab.
Blockout Periods viewed by year drop down now takes users’ timezone into account.
Viewing and editing activity pop up now correctly reads Assigned to Phase.
Tool tip in Release Schedule now shows correct details.
All environment bookings now appear correctly in the environments tab of the Release Manager.

Deployment Manager

Stakeholder now appears correctly after duplicating a deployment plan.

Post Implementation Review

Changes to PIRs now save correctly.

Report Manager

Blockout Period report now displays the correct date when exporting.


Imports from ServiceNow no longer contain missing fields.
Customization page no longer shifts upwards when reordering fields.
Email notifications now sent out when a new comment is added.
Administrators can now remove user roles.

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