Duplicate Releases

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Duplicating Releases saves users from entering information multiple times.

Duplicate Release

To duplicate a release:

  1. Go to Releases > Release Manager.
  2. Click to select the checkbox of the release to be duplicated.
  3. Select Duplicate Release from the Action drop down menu.
  4. Edit Release ID and Release Name.
  5. Click to select a Duplicate Option checkbox:
    • Duplicate: Duplicates everything, including dates. (Original Implementation Date is not editable.)
    • Duplicate and Set New Dates: Duplicate but set a new implementation date.
    • Set New Start Date Phases: Duplicate but set a new start date for Phases.
  6. Select the Information to be Duplicated checkbox:
    • Select All: Duplicates all information.
    • Systems: Duplicates systems only.
    • Environments: Duplicates environments only.
    • Stakeholders: Duplicates stakeholders only.
    • Activities: Duplicates activities. Can only be selected if Stakeholder is selected.
    • Additional Information: Duplicates additional information only.
  7. Open the Release after duplicating (if desired) by clicking to select the Open release after duplicating checkbox.
  8. Click Duplicate.
    The yellow Release has been successfully duplicated pop up opens and closes.

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