Plutora Feature Release Notes for May 6, 2016


Features Included in the May 6, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU 6th May 2016
UK 6th May 2016
US 6th May 2016


Major Functionality Enhancements

System Approvers

  • Under Environments > Environments, System approvers are now listed under the System drop-down menu.
  • It is now easy for users to see which person they need to ask for permission to use a System.

See Environment Booking Availabilities

  • There is a new Availability column under Environments > Environment Requests > My Environment Bookings tab.
  • Users can now see at a glance whether their Environment Booking is Available, Conflicting or In Use.

TECR Email Upgrade

  • The Email Template Wizard Customization has been upgraded.
  • TECR due date notification emails can now be sent before the start date or the end date, as well as every day after the start date or end date, if the TECR is not completed.

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