Plutora Production Release Notes Major August 2014

Features Included in this Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Worldwide August 2014


Major Functionality Enhancements

Linked Items

  • A new “Linked Items” Tab has been added to the Release Window next to the “Activities” Tab.
  • Users are now able to view the Environment Change Request, Environment Booking Request and Deployment Plans associated with this Release by selecting the corresponding tabs.
  • All the items linked with the release can be directly accessed from here.

Color Coding through the Application

  • Users now can assign Standard colors to different Environment Change Request Types.
  • This option can be enabled under Customization > Environments > TECR Type.
  • Users also have the ability to update all the existing Environment Change Request Type to match the Standard Colors by clicking the “Update existing CR types to match Standard Colors” Button.

Planned vs. Actual Activities Tracking

  • A new Plan vs. Actual Activities Tracking Functionality has been added to the Enterprise Release under the Activities Tab.
  • This functionality can be enabled under Customization > Releases > KPI Metric Type.
  • By Default for KPI Metric Type – “Not Applicable” will be selected. Users can also add more KPI Metric Types under Customization.
  • When a user opens an Activity/Criteria under a Parent Release, a new KPI section will be displayed in the middle of the Activity/Criteria popup window.
  • Once a user selects the corresponding KPI’s Type, the user can enter the Planned and Actual activities counts, and the updated statistics will be reflected under a visualized Gauge Chart.


Functional Enhancements in Release 2.0.91

Environment Manager

Environment Requests

  • Environment Booking Request:
    • Users now have the ability to customize the Booking Request Form by adding in custom fields via the Additional Fields tab.
    • One extra section named “Booking Form” has been added to the Customization > Environments > TEBR Custom Fields.
    • Users can edit Booking Request Form Comments via a “What You See Is What You Get” editor under the Customization Section.
    • Users can edit up to four Booking Request Questions.
  • Marking an Environment as a Shared Environment:
    • Users can declare an Environment to be “shared” under Environments window.
    • This functionality will be reflected when we try to allocate a conflicting environment, please refer to Business Intelligence – Environment Allocation.
  • Environment Impact Performance Improvements:


Release Manager

Release Manager

  • Business Intelligence – Environment Allocation:

    • Users are now able to define an Environment to be a “shared” environment.
    • Under the Environments Tab of a release, users are now able to live search for an environment name for a specific Phase.
    • If within that specific period of the Phase, the particular Environment/Environment Group has been allocated to another Release, there will be an indicator to show this Environment/Environment Group is “conflicting” instead of “available”. By clicking the “conflicting” or “available” indicator, this will take users to an Environment Conflict Schedule for this particular Environment.
  • Color Coding for Release Types:

    • Users can now assign standard colors to different Release Types.
    • This option can be enabled under Customization > Releases > Release Type.
    • Users also have the ability to update the existing Releases Types to match the Standard Colors by clicking the “Update existing release types to match Standard Colors” Button.
    • And the corresponding Release Types’ Colors will be reflected on the Release Calendar and Environment Schedule.
  • Completed On and Actual Completed On for Activity/Criteria:
    • Two extra fields “Completed on” and “Actual Completed on” have been added to the Activity/Criteria popup window under Activities Tab.
    • “Completed On” field will record the time when a user sets the status to ‘Completed’.
    • “Actual Completed On” field will be entered manually by users to record the Actual Completed Date.
  • Due Date and Assigned To when Child Push:
    • Users have more options to select which fields will be pushed down to the corresponding dependent Releases when clicking the Child Push button under an Enterprise Release, including the “Assigned To” and “Due Date” Fields.
  • Release Calendar Enhancement:

    • In the Release Calendar, users can now apply Release Status filtering via the Query Builder (show on the calendar on releases with a status of x).
    • Yearly view on the release calendar allows users to plot out different release types (max. of 2 release types is allowed on the yearly view).
    • Exporting calendar to PDF (this is a BETA feature).


Report Center

Report Center

  • General Enhancements:
    • Save State Improvements to remember last report opened.
    • Cosmetic Enhancements made to improve usability and aesthetics.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Problem Fix
When trying to duplicate a dependent Release, it would not duplicate due to the ‘Assigned To’ field being empty when activities/criteria were brought down from the Enterprise. Dependent Releases that have an ‘Assigned To’ field as empty can now be duplicated correctly.

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